Project Stream


Hey peeps, I was randomly checking my ubisoft games today (to see if I already had Settlers before getting the Settlers deal) and I see Odyssey in there.

I don’t remember getting an email about it but I’m sure it could have come and I missed it.

Check your games (“Club” enabled games only) in a browser instead of in client here (had to google it since it wasn’t obvious):


OH wow, it’s there! Huzzah! Even has my time played from Stream too! Nice find, thanks!


Also interesting, this little tag:



Implying maybe the Ubis is hoping to make partnerships with game streaming services, since they may have added something to track that (it may also just be a generic tagging system).


Hmmm, it says this for Origins:


I wonder what the difference is.


Normally that’s just where the platform goes, I have Steep on PS4 (from last month’s PS Plus sub) and it says PS4 there for me on Steep.


Huh, I have it in my account too, even though I’m pretty sure I hadn’t played it since October. I’ll have to check when I get home to see if it’s downloadable.


I emailed support, the game still doesn’t show up for me to download anywhere.


I show it there too, nice! But it isn’t in the UPlay client, so I couldn’t actually download and play it.


It was always visible in your games on the website. That was a good way to check your time played to make sure you qualified. But until it gets added to your library for download or they send out keys it still isn’t available.


Got this in my email:


Welp, gives me time to finish Origins.


Nice to see they are making it a quick and easy process.


Kenshi is a pretty painful experience on my 5+ year old system. Would be interested in playing that over Project Stream if it were possible. Though I’m not sure what the performance bottleneck is exactly.


Google will be unveiling something at GDC on March 19th at 1PM EST.

I expect this to be their formal entry into a game streaming service based on Project Stream’s success. At the very least, this will be an invitation for devs and publishers to get involved.


My initial reaction was why? Why does Google want to get into this business?

But when you think about it, Google has an enormous distributed infrastructure in their Google Cloud, many of which have GPUs ready to go. This allows them to monetize their idle resources. And maybe in the end, it’ll be a worthwhile business in its own right. And if not, that’s OK too, it’s all gravy.


And then in a year they will shut the service down.


If it’s free, that’s a legitimate concern. I don’t think it will be free. But we’ll see.


Ugh. I really don’t want this to be the future of gaming. But it almost certainly will be, and that makes me sad.


Why not? It works pretty well today at 1080/30. If they can get it to stream 4k locked 60fps with HDR and price it reasonably, I don’t see why you’d want to own a gaming PC.