Project Warlock - Classic FPS Hexenstein


Can you just minimize the game and keep it running overnight?


Why? You can save at the workshop, and the missions take 2-10 minutes, seems like it’s not really a big deal.


Yes and no. The missions take 2-10 minutes if you finish them. You might die repeatedly on a given level.

Anyway, it’s possible it is no big deal, but once you take away the option to save you will have some unhappy gamers. That’s predictable.


As long as I can retain the weapons and items I had when I first entered a new level, replaying without the ability to reload wouldn’t be an issue for me in old FPS style games. Part of the enjoyment of Doom, Duke, and Blood was alternating between carefully exploring every inch for secrets and easter eggs and completing the levels as fast as possible to beat the developer’s par times. Before scripted sequences began placing a greater emphasis on spectacle or slow-paced world building (like Half-Life), it was easier to do.


Oh great, I only have to play for half an hour without saving!

/roll eyes

Not being able to save mid level is already bad enough, but it’s even worse, you have to play several levels to save.

I don’t know what happens with these developers, they all say things like “play my indie FPS, it’s super old school shooter, like playing in the 90s!” and then go and make a very different thing like doing a roguelite.


Maybe I’ve already mentioned this, but it reminds me of shoot ‘em up marketing. Every indie game says they’re old school, but with a modern twist! It gets kind of annoying for fans of the genre. You can expect more of it in the future.

The presentation of this game is a lot like Vlambeer’s Gun Godz. (Apparently that’s getting a Steam release.)


This kid is Polish so my guess is that this will be a great game.


Yeah. Me too.

Like me.


Agreed. This might be a day one purchase.


Welp, it’s out. Anyone bite yet? Initial reviews are super positive.


Honestly I’m waiting for the Steam version. I like GOG, but 90% of my games are on Steam so I like to have one place to go to look for and launch stuff. I’d get the GOG version if I had nothing else going on atm, but I totally have a ton of other games to play right now. I’d love to hear impressions though. Maybe I should hit up YouTube.


If you fail a cluster, or whatever, you do at least keep the xp - accumulate until you level, which gives you a stat point to spend in the workshop - and I think upgrade points - actual pickups you find, used to upgrade weapons and spells - you gained throughout. Oh, you get xp from killing and picking up treasure, I believe. Pretty sure I kept the weapons I found.

Most Perks have requirements but can be gained every 5 ability points you spend from leveling. Or at leas the first perk comes at level 6, after having gained 5 points. Requirements are stuff like “need 3 strength, 3 life”.

It looks like you can replay pods or murders or whatever of levels over too, although I have not tried yet. which is good, as I apparently missed something nice in the first one. Edit: nope, I my glance was misinterpreted. You cannot replay stuff.

I like it so far.


GGGManLives has a video review up (he really likes it).


Just heard about this, looks pretty damn good, love the pixely level of detail.


The GGGManLives video makes it look like a constant twin-stick shooter-style action-fest, which seems to be the norm these days. I was hoping for better pacing, even Doom had plenty of quiet moments that amplified the carnage. Perhaps PW does this too, but it’s hard to tell from these videos.


It has quiet moments. Levels are not large, but often there’s some back tracking. Sometimes enemies are spawned in cleared areas in response to e.g. switch pushing. But that hasn’t been the norm so far in the 10 levels I have played (I am at the first world boss, which is mission 11). Sometimes rooms only contain a few monsters. I feel like I find myself in unoccupied hallways as often as not.


So you’re finding the “save only at the workshop” mechanic not to be an issue?

Normally I’d snap this up, but I’m trying to buy less games while finishing the ones I’m already playing. Yes, I know, heretical ideas like that never last. ;)


I am playing on whatever the lowest un-limited lives difficulty is. I have died a few times (not counting twice on the world 1 boss). The last block of levels is 4 straight which was mildly annoying. It took me 30+ minutes to clear them (maybe closer to 40) as I was diligently looking for secrets and treasure in every nook and cranny.

Do I like the mechanic? No, it’s dumb. But it hasn’t caused any frustration thus far.


This is true. All the best games have extraordinary amounts of Polish.


This pleased me quite a lot.