Project xCloud - Microsoft wants you to not own any games

Seems like the sort of video that would get released right before coming out of an extended beta period.

Wonder if this means the browser version is coming out soon.

One annoying thing about cloud gaming I ran into this week.

Only some games have touch controls. I would really like to have some support for touch controls without a game directly supporting it.

I would have liked to, specifically, log into Destiny and buy some mods from Banshee… but couldn’t because I didn’t have a bluetooth controller.

Even a crappy touch screen support would have done what I wanted.

Is there any access to xcloud on pc gamepass?

Only for Ultimate.

There’s a magical moment when you open up Kameo , an original launch title for Xbox 360, and it shows you last played in 2008, and you’re able to jump right back into the game like you never left. There’s also a sense of reward when you’re able to go back and complete the whole Gears of War series before starting on Gears 5 . Being able to take a trip down memory lane either to relive past memories or make new ones with a classic is delightful and critical to preserving gaming’s history. We’ve enabled this experience through our backward compatibility program, launched in 2015. Since then we’ve launched multiple consoles and are still committed to making games across generations available to you no matter the hardware.

Bah, looks like they’ve closed the loophole - following the instructions I get a “Our services aren’t available right now”.

I’ve been using this on my laptop for about two weeks after finding the instructions on Reddit. Its not as smooth as Luna or GeForce Now, but the library is much better than either of those. I get blurry screens on occasions where the other services look fine. And there’s a big difference between the graphics of an Xbox One game in 720p and the 1080p on Ultra PC settings I’m using in Cyberpunk on GFN or Odyssey on Luna.

The performance seems to depend on the title. I tried Outriders weekend and encountered lots of slowdown and blurriness, including a few times where it was unplayable. But I switched to Shadows of War and it worked fine. The major server issues with Outriders launch probably didn’t help matters.

XCloud runs on XboneS, so yeah the graphics won’t be fantastic in the best of times as it is a very slow console. They should be moving to XSX soon, though.

Yeah I’m ok waiting for the official release on this one, I don’t need to play chuggy games in 720p on my PC. But more power to you alpha testers!

I’m actually fine with them keeping this in the testing phase until they can switch out to XSX servers, which will probably be a while. They probably shouldn’t do that until XSX is no longer supply-constrained, which will be a while.

Unless all the XSXs just go into the data centers and that’s how you get your XSX availability. Which, given the whole point is to share the hardware across users, is not even the worst idea.

(Please everyone jump in now and say again how you don’t have decent broadband where you live.)

I thought they were moving to XB1X blades rather than a full-blown Series X.

Not from what I recall reading no.

I tried the PC Beta with the Edge browser on my PC. Forza Horizon 4.

The gameplay is fairly forgiving in an arcade racer, so it controlled just fine, but every few seconds there’s an audio glitch in the in-game radio station’s music, and an accompanying visual glitch somewhere. Plus this is obviously the Xbox One version of the game, since you can tell it’s 30 fps, not 60 like the Series X version.

So, kind of impressive, but also kind of shitty. I can deal with the occasional visual artifact, but audio glitches just create a really bad impression. They need to maybe stream the in-game radio station separately, and create an audio buffer for it maybe? The music is not going to change unlike the visuals and the gameplay. But maybe that’s too game specific?

I’m in playing on an iPad Pro with an elite 2 controller. Super janky and laggy with serious sound stuttering. Am somehow restricted from playing the casino including the freee daily wheel spin in GTA5.

Pass for now. Let me know when they defeat the laws of physics