Project xCloud - Microsoft wants you to not own any games

That’s what I just said! Now people who have GPU and no console can play Outriders at no additional cost.

Ahhhh it’s only on game pass for consoles. Sorry, I missed that.

There’s like…two? on PC. Not the full series by any means.

Just looked: Gears, Gears 4, Gears 5.

Ah, 4 is on the Microsoft Store only, no wonder I missed that. (I think so is Gears 1? I just never cared because I thought that game was dull as hell. 2 was a huge improvement.)

You could also try the Fable series. I believe the first game is available on PC, but not the second and third. Or the Banjo Kazooie games from Rare, or Viva Pinata, which was available on PC but doesn’t work anymore since Games for Windows went kaput.

Anyone know why Firefox isn’t supported?

Looks like all five of them are on xCloud so if you really wanted to, you could play them on PC that way. No idea how well an action game will play from the cloud though.


Fable 3 was on PC. Not sure if you can still get it, and I think it might also be a casualty of GfW Live.

I only use xCloud rarely, but every time I use it, I come away more impressed with it. Having it on a PC browser instead of just on the phone is a big boost.

Now they announced that it’s coming to consoles this fall, which should make it even more convenient. Now I can use my Xbox One to stream Series X version of games. Or just use it on Series X if I want to try games before installing them. Good stuff.

In an age where AAA and FTP install sizes get to 80-100 gig, and the Series X has about 800g in available storage, this is a very nice option.

I just looked up the xCloud stuff for PC and came away a bit confused about all the details…

If I’m reading it right (unlikely) to use xCloud on a PC:

  • You have to have Gamepass Ultimate (not just the PC-only sub)
  • You have to have a wireless controller
  • You have to be a Win10 Insider

Is that all correct?

Yes, Not sure as I thought wired controllers worked too?, No - you don’t have to be an insider.

Yeah, needing a controller is the only limitation I don’t like. I understand that it’s going to a Xbox Series X server though, so the requirement makes sense. But it means I can’t play Quake at work this morning through xCloud, since I don’t have a controller. Once I could get into the game, it does have keyboard and mouse support even on Series X, so I could get it work that way if I had a controller.

(And yes, the need to be an insider is old news, it’s open to all Ultimate members now).

I use an old wired 360 controller, so it doesn’t need to be wireless. Although it does occasionally fail to be recognized on Chrome. Logging in with Edge fixes that.

The xCloud games are all Xbox versions so yes you do need a gamepad.

Okay, the state of things is better than I thought. My controller is wired, and I didn’t want to bother with Insider - sounds like neither is an issue and all I’d need is Ultimate. Thanks all!

Mouse and keyboard support is coming to xCloud. I’m surprised. But glad. This truly does mean I can just hop onto a browser at work sometimes when I’m by myself.

Just played my first game on mobile using this - I’d tried it out on PC/Xbox before. It’s remarkable how hard it is to shake the Nintendo control scheme when playing handheld. I spent a full minute pressing B instead of A and wondering why nothing was happening.