Project xCloud - Microsoft wants you to not own any games

Image is not displaying for me. Is it Pikachu?

Couldve been, lol.

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I would definitely prefer a Switch to an Xbox.

Check it out folks, hell has frozen over -

For now this just looks like Sony using Azure for their online services. Interesting that they didn’t go with someone like Amazon.

More interesting info about the deal - looks like it was a Microsoft and Sony deal, not necessarily made with input from Xbox or Playstation teams, paradoxical as that may sound.

Probably Amazon gives zero shits about gaming in general, and might in theory make some strategic decision that blind-sights Sony at some time in the future*. Though I can’t say exactly how big (bigger?) a factor that might be.

(* Though Microsoft could still potentially do something that blind-sights Sony, regardless of any deal. In fact, that is kind of Microsoft’s MO in the past… So confusing!)

Amazon owns Twitch, has their own free game engine, and owns several studios under Amazon Game Studios.

And what have they produced with all that?

A whole lot of content and a completely new way to market games via Twitch.

EDIT: Full disclosure, I work at Twitch. 😀

I’d like to hear more about this. What kind of content? How much of it is games?

Mobile gaming isn’t gaming.