Project Zomboid


Forum folk! This game is still in early access… ;)

Rock paper shotgun poked it with a stick to remind us all.


Yeah maybe in another five years they’ll even have the NPCs in.

Don’t know how many years they’ve been working on vehicles, but it seems like forever. That had better be one killer, essential feature… :P


I mean, it’s a lifetime license.


Vehicles are in! Build #39


Looks like the Mystery Machine


I’ll admit that these look much better than I anticipated.


Why isn’t this out yet? No game needs to take this long to make!



You wouldn’t like it: firing a gun means death in there, Wild Tom!


Boy this game is good. An isometric Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead come to life. I have been playing for 2 hours per day since the vehicles patch came out. I had a 2 year break from Zomboid but glad to be back. :-)

I am running a public server with a bit of a twist. I call it “Zomboid Evolution”, it runs for 4 real weeks, and every real week the zombies evolve to increase the challenge for the survivors. For example, in 48 real hours (at the end of real week one) the zombies start to “roam” and get longer memories and expand outside of the towns. A real week later and their senses improve, and finally a real week after that their intelligence increases and for example some random zombies will be able to open doors.

I had 30 players join in the first 3 days. This first cycle is the beta and ends on 06 July. Beta means I have been tweaking some things (zombie population increase, firearm spawn rates, etc) as I get data on player behavior. The first “real” session runs all of August (after I am off for a bit in July).

Join if you are curious:

Port: 56261
(No password)
West Coast, US
32 players

More info about the game type:

Happy to debate if zombies evolving (over the course of two years, in-game) makes any sense at all. :-)


That sounds amazing, and I’m perfectly willing to allow that zombies can evolve if it makes for better gameplay.


I was going to ask you how it was going as Big Brother tells me every day you are playing some.

How is the vehicle stuff in play?


The vehicles are good. They just released the first large bug fix after the vehicles patch, and now things like car battery chargers and smashing out car windows are working. The vehicles are animated very fluidly, almost at a higher FPS than the rest of the game, I think because they are recently added compared to the base character sprites.

Its hard to find a working vehicle with gas and a key, it adds quite a goal for scavenging. On the server the larger player groups each have 3-4 working vehicles, about one per person, so it’s not like there are hundreds of cars that work on the map. Repairing them, parking them safely, keeping them fueled (especially after the town power goes out) are all a challenge.


Yeah, I went back and played yesterday. I play on easy as I always forget the interface. I see a lot of cars in good condition, but have yet to find a key for one. I dig through the house it is around but no luck. Glad to hear they are rare, I thought I was doing something wrong.


If the key exists, I think it’s in the car (E to enter on a green marked space, then check all compartments) or on the ground (check floor tiles around the car) or in a nearby house. Some people also check zombies, I don’t think I that works. Good luck finding one. :-)


This was helpful.

I found two on the ground and one in a vehicle. According to the video above you can find them in containers.


I tried out the demo, and I lasted for 4 minutes!

I think I’ll wait for 1.0


I love this game. I’ve been playing with @Eric_Majkut and, other than the constant complaining about how gung ho I am, it has been a great time.

Pro-tip: don’t set your groin on fire while burning zombie corpses.


I love the idea and a lot of the mechanics of this game, but jesus k. am I waiting for one of these zombie sims to actually have a purpose to the whole thing. SoD2, 7DtD, Project Zomboid all about the buildup and little else. In PZ I spent an hour tearing apart other house’s furniture for barricade material and then wonder what the hell I’m wasting time on.


This is why I think zombie fiction is dumb. Let me survive this onsolaught of zombies, set up a fortress in a (bank/prison/mall/somewhere stupid) and then… what? You’re going to die eventually.

You just need a gun with as many bullets as you have family members.

That being said I enjoyed PZ for a while with some friends. :)


Yeah, the tutorial asks you to press yell then spawns a few Z’s. I don’t think the tutorial gives you a feel for the game at all. They should have a very small map with just a few zombies to give you the flavor of running around whacking them and getting stuff.