Prometheus Wept - A dark turn based RPG from the developer of Vigilantes on Kickstarter!


I hope it’s still okay to talk about games I’m developing here. Some of you might remember Vigilantes a crime themed, turn based RPG for PC. It was released in late 2018, and I spent around 6 months adding post release updates after launch.

Since then, I’ve been working on a new turn based RPG: Prometheus Wept. It has much of Vigilantes’ DNA, with turn based combat, deep character development, gritty writing, crafting, but enhances the formula with simultaneous battles between cyberspace and the physical world, deeper mechanics and improved production values. It’s also likely the only game where you can incapacitate an enemy by dropping a shark on them!


The setting is a near future earth, in the wake of a mass cyber-attack, which corrupted all digital devices it encountered, resulting in the collapse of civilization. To make matters worse, a small number of computer systems were granted machine learning abilities from the cyber-attack, resulting the the emergence of the first true artificial intelligences, who are unfortunately insane by any human standards, quite insane.

You play as a C-Tec (or Classical Technologist) who earns a living by inserting your consciousness into corrupted computer systems to retrieve valuable, old world technology.

A demo is available, and Prometheus Wept is currently on Kickstarter. It also has a Steam page here.


If you have any questions or feedback about the game, or are curious about how game development works in a small studio, do let me know and I’ll get back to you!

Have a good one!

Backed. Looks great!

Added to the wishlist. I enjoyed Vigilantes, looking forward to this one.

Hey @BrianRubin - thanks very much for your support! Glad you like it. If you have any questions or feedback, let me know :)

Hi @Effidian - cheers! Good to hear you had fun with Vigilantes. I think Prometheus Wept will be a considerably better game. In addition to more variety and depth, it has some interesting new features, like simultaneous battles between cyberspace and the physical world and destructible cover. Also allies, rather than having a single unique perk, will have been 4-8 of them, with many providing special abilities.

Looks good. I’ll wishlist this when I get off work.

Cool. I played a bit of Vigilantes, and the fact that I didn’t get more into it was not due to the game so much as other stuff. Looking forward to this new endeavor.

Cheers @Madmarcus

If you’d like to see more of the game, here’s a developer playthrough of the System infiltration part of the demo. It’s still in development, but I’m very interested in any feedback on it!

Hi @TheWombat - I’ll keep you posted on development. There’s a link to a playthrough on the last post, in case you’re interested :)

I thought Vigilantes was good on its own terms, and excellent when viewed as the product of a single developer. I had bookmarked the funding campaign for Prometheus Wept. This was a good reminder to back it. I’m a huge fan of turn-based tactics, so I’m quite looking forward to this iteration of design and UI.

Hey _aaron - I appreciate your high appraisal of Vigilantes :) The goal is to go further with Prometheus Wept. There is a demo out, which is more refined than the early Vigilantes demos - if you get a chance to try it, i’d be very interested to hear what you think.

I got a little time between working on the Kickstarter to start scripting more of the main missions for Act 1. This is where you meet your first ally Ferdia Beckett, who has managed to get on the wrong side of an outlaw band.

Here, the player character has passed a sneak check and has closed in on the nearest enemy and starts combat with a sneak attack. If the player prefers firearms, they can use a tactics check to withdraw to the far side of the river, as most of these enemies are wielding melee weapons and getting through the water will slow them down.

Beckett is a sociopath con man masquerading (rather poorly) as a preacher.He also has a mutant ability to manipulate the minds of organic enemies.

I’ve also released another developer playthrough, this time covering your mission to pacify the residents of the Drag, a dilapidated fishing village, who have inexplicable gone violently insane.

As always, questions and feedback are welcome!

I was gonna bump this thread by saying I backed it, but I see the thread has been bumped this morning anyway. Well … backed!

Hey @Brooski - thank you for your support. The campaign is proving to be more difficult than expected and at this stage, every pledge makes a difference. Hopefully it will hit 85%+ before the last 2 days, to give it a fighting chance.

It’s not everyday one of your game dev heroes backs your game! I thought someone was playing a joke on me at first when Brian popped up as a backer. Really good of him to help out the little guy.

The campaign’s at 93% now, with 3 days to go. Fingers crossed!

Here’s the second and final part of the play-through of the Drag. In the final part, armed with only a handgun, rubber bullets and melee weapons, you come under fire from a sniper. There’s also a few minutes of extra detail on the story for act 1 near the end. If you’ve got any questions or feedback, let me know!

I appreciate being allowed to post on QT3 about Prometheus Wept, and don’t want to be (too much of) a pest, so this will be the last mention of the Kickstarter. If it’s alright, I’ll post the monthly development videos, which will start from next month.

Funded! Congrats, @Timeslip

Cheers @Brooski - it was a nail biter :)


I hope you’re having a nice Christmas! Here’s the first post kickstarter dev log.

To summarise:

  • I’ve worked on the writing for the next two missions
  • A healing manager, which makes healing outside combat more intuitive and less click heavy has been added
  • A number of character models for the upcoming missions have been created
  • Firearms automatically reload after combat
  • Save games are now ordered by time and date
  • A number of minor bugs have been fixed.

If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!

All the best,

Hi there!

Here’s the development log for January 2022. The focus this month has been on creating and adding the content for act 1. In particular, an optional objective, to discover the source of the outbreak in the Drag, and the second mission for act 1 have been added.

Environment weapons have been re-introduced, including an energy cell, which can be wirelessly activated by the protagonist to damage nearby enemies, and the lethality system has been revised.

All the groundwork is in place for act 1 mission 3, including an extra map which was created earlier this week. Here are a couple of images from this map. The current intention is to add the third and fourth mission, and complete the cyberspace mission in the current demo, then release an updated demo. I’d expect this to take a few months.

As always, feedback and questions are welcome. Talk soon!


Hi there,

Below you’ll find the development video for Feb/March, which focuses on the addition of act 1 mission 3, where you must negotiation a food shipment to ease the crisis in Sunny Pines.

Key Points:

  • Act 1 Mission 3 is complete.
  • Act 1 Mission 4 is designed in depth, with an initial draft of the writing
  • Wolves have been enhanced with traits, and alpha wolves have a unique, activated skill
  • Temporary allies can now be killed and permanently removed from the game
  • Added a relationship system
  • Created final versions of Sunny Pines Militia and Rebel character models
  • Improved the code for saving characters, managing conversations,

You can find a number of links through which you can support the people of Ukraine, in the comments section of the Youtube video.

Thanks for reading / watching and if you have any questions or comments, please let me know!

All the best,