Is anyone watching this? I watched the latest episode on a whim. It’s kind of wishy-washy and I’m not sure who it’s aimed at, but it’s not horribly bad.

It’s all about the brunette from the L Word playing a bitchy doctor who gets dragged into investigating people’s near death experiences, because her patron Matthew Modine (back from wherever they dug him up playing a Mark Zuckerberg like dying billionaire imaginatively named Ivan Turing) wants some proof of after death hope. Then there’s the extra padding they chuck in like her dead kid, her ex-husband who she works with and her lanky african side-kick who has his own drama. I think the chief at the hospital is the one who played the generic wise black dude who in Eureka.

The latest episode is about some video company Ivan Turing owns where an employee dies when he has a head rig on which records brain waves and then they are sent to a 100 processors which processes it and maybe they’ve recorded the proof.

It also comes complete with script-writer tech expertise:

… Ivan Turing: Let’s try a log linear transformation in the negative.
… Programmer makes a change and nothing changes but they all act like it did.

Aww, I was hoping the thread was about this instead.

Ha, i thought it was about this

I was banking on it being about this and now my life is incomplete.