Propaganda term for shows like Tucker Carlson…

I remember a video by a left-leaning news group about how there was a term for shows like Tucker Carlson’s - does anyone know the term?

Basically the point is to rile people up by highlighting over the top scenarios like “racist trees” to highlight how stupid the other side is and get your own side up in arms about it.

Want to share how this is an explicit propaganda strategy/psychological term with the in-laws - but I can’t remember the term.


Not sure what specific term it might be; outrage porn, perhaps?

It’s something more technical than that but that gets close.

I believe it’s an actual term from psychology but I can’t quite remember it. Ugh.

Maybe moral outrage is what you’re thinking of? It’s getting a lot of attention in the social psychology world, for obvious reasons. There’s also the related “virtue signalling” concept.

Thanks that’s much closer to what I’m looking for and maybe I can track it down. I wish I could find the video. It was put out by an online site like Vox or Slate.

It was well put together by focusing on the psychology but the man who presented it was (from what I remember) of perhaps southeast Asian descent and highly likely gay - so it felt like that would triply fall on deaf ears for those that would likely benefit from understanding how they were being manipulated.

If you find it please let us know.

Agitprop, possibly?

Thanks for the help everyone I was finally able to find the video.

The term I was looking for is “false consciousness” although it’s not commonly used from what I can tell.