Prosecuting Dissent in the Rumsfeld Pentagon

Link - Scott Horton Balkinization

The Rumsfeld Pentagon has developed destruction of the character of those who get in its way to an art form. Those viewed as troublesome become the target of a special investigation. Wiretaps are applied to their telephones and their emails are read. An evidentiary case is built and humiliating leaks to the press occur.

Link - Billmon

From my own days as reporter, I’m also aware that whistleblowers often have their own human failings. Not every disciplinary action taken against them by the “system” is a clear-cut case of retaliation. The military has also had enough problems with sexual misconduct (up to an including rape) to justify a certain amount of vigilance in enforcing the rules against horizontal fraternization.

But a connection between public dissent and subsequent sexual misconduct charges has popped up often enough in Rummy’s Pentagon to create at least a reasonable suspicion that heretics are being punished – and in an even cruder and more malicious way than Gen. Shinseki, who was just rotated out of his job a little early.

Yeah, so… they (the current White House) are STILL prosecuting dissent in the Rumsfeld Pentagon…