ProTip: ATI Radeon Catalyst 10.4 GPU scaling

In getting my 8 year old copy of RalliSport Challenge going (it still works great, running at a max resolution of 1280x1024) I found out how to get the Aspect-Ratio-respecting GPU scaling working. My HD5850 was totally overkill though.

If you have a widescreen LCD, these old 4:3 games automatically stretch and the GPU scaling/maintain aspect ratio option grayed out.

I found the trick is that you actually have to temporarily switch to that lower resolution before the option is ungrayed. You can switch back to your full 1:1 1920x1080 or whatever and the 4:3 games are no longer stretched.

Hope this helps someone with old fullscreen games.

I’ll be damned… your tip really works for me! After four years of staring at stretched images, browsing widescreengamingforum for the occasional half-baked widescreen fix, running games in windowed mode, cursing my monitor for its lack of scaling, and shaking my fist at ATI for never ever fixing this, I just saw a game (Indigo Prophecy) running fullscreen in its correct aspect ratio.