Proud of Olaf: His review for WoW

This is the first time my husband wrote about a game and had it published on a website. I’m truly proud of him though I am sure he’s writhing as he reads this because I shouldn’t be posting (ha!). I simply cannot contain my enthusiasm and gratitude to Div and all of you for giving him the opportunity to have done this. Thank you for giving him a new way to torture me, too. I’m extremely jealous he’s in WoW Beta!


Oh my god, how embarassing. (Not the writing…^^ that)

Jon R. is going to go nuclear over this.

That’s just jealously!

Damn, if I was to ever have something published like that, I’d want a parade. And you damn well know that you want one too.

Ok, the real question is, does he let you play or do you refuse to feed him while he is burning away the hours in front of the PC?

When he get’s up to make a frozen pizza becuase he missed out on the real food, do you log him off and jump onto his account?

Over the weekend when ya’ll went grocery shopping, did he stock up on boxes of twinkee’s and cases of Mountain Dew?

We really want to know!


I am never, ever telling my wife about this website.

I just want to know what he mortgaged to get the beta key. :-)

Our Olaf? “I will trade you all non-essential organs for a beta key” Olaf?

lol I dont know what to say. Really. Except that yeah, it is embarassing.


how’d ya get the key? we want 'em too!

I don’t think you should be embarrassed. As a self proclaimed game reviewer groupie I’d be proud to actually publish something of my own. And on top of that, I’d be thrilled if my wife was actually proud of my published review, rather than scoffing at my hobby. Good for you Olaf (and nice work on selling your lung, kidney, and tastebuds to get that beta key).

What’s life like without a spleen? Is the inability to eat processed food cutting into your beta time?

Edit: Dammit, Robbo, beat me to the punch! Now my post looks derivative AND predictable, instead of just predictable.

This is getting weird. People are using “publish” as if it meant “by Simon & Schuster”, not the actual “somebody put it on their website”.

btw, Olaf, you now seem to be purposefully dodging the question about how you acquired the key…

Hey, he’s only one step ahead of the law as it is…

If he can just stay out of jail long enough to get to level 25 then it will all have been worth it.

I just want to know so that I can play :(

Not just any website ;(

  • I did’nt get to finish this post earlier, and it reads bad. Sorry.

Olaf does a good write, and is a veteran MMO gamer (not in the jaded and disgruntled sense). We asked if it was ok with a couple of people and after the abuse he went through, we asked him to cover the game for us.

Now, sure, we could of had anyone cover the game on our cheesy non-important, unable to ever-compete-with-real-news-sites-for-gaming, but Olaf proved he could take the abuse of being a tester :)

(The truth is: I was waiting for him to sell his wife for a beta account!)


Gamerifts approached me about covering the game for their site and I jumped at the chance.


you are one lucky guy olaf,

does anyone want to give me a beta-cdkey so that I can write a review for your website PULEASE?!?! private message me!

I’m in trouble with olaf! Ha, sorry but I couldn’t control myself hun. Don’t tease him too much boys. Speaking of which I have to go work off my “karma points” with him and finish the grocery list!


Ha ha – we’re just a cynical bunch here. Don’t mind us. Olaf did a nice job on the article.