PS: Daily Grind thread that you liked the most despite drift

I’m late, but had to get into the spirit, yo.

Rather funny posters. Logged in last night, played for a bit with my new video card, didn’t see the LLU thing. Picked the Salamander logo for the outfit, wondered who all the other people in the outfit were, played a bit, got bored, went to bed.

Tough grind.

I was on for quite a while but I go to bed around 10. We’ve had a half-dozen on pretty regularly.

I got to hold the ball tonight. Running as fast as I could with this flashing orb that said, ‘kill me’ to every NC jackhammer this side of Pamba, with the outfit trailing out behind me watching my back(which was awesome), I thought to myself, Gaming Module hasn’t tried this yet. Then I was surrounded by a literal swarm of Mosquitos, and I was blown up/run over/shot to death in a blaze of glory.

It was wicked cool.

Me to squad: “Let me see your war face!”

Fun though. We did some damage and go some XP. Lots of guys fighting too.

Well, I’ve just cancelled my subscription. It runs out tomorrow.
I never really got into the combat in this game. I usually go well in BF1942 but in this game I never seemed to get many kills. I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s something about the pacing of damage. People either die too quickly or too slowly- probably something to do with range and armour. I just found that I couldn’t get a rhythm to the game.
That, and the idea that SOE is going to milk people for expansion packs which will dilute the main world is the other reason for cancelling.
Maybe later on down the track I’ll resubscribe. If there is still a game going.

The issue of diluting the main world with new expansion territories is a valid one, I agree. I mean, if the servers are already under-populated, adding six new underground continents or whatever they’re called can’t help. As it is, usually one continent per server is locked and overpopulated and the others are completely empty all too often.

I’m on vacation for a couple weeks, but I’m keeping my account for now. I’m sure I’ll be itching to play in mid-September.