PS: is it too late?

I am a social gamer. I thoroughly enjoyed years of Counter-Strike. I have been eyeing the PlanetSide threads around here lately and thinking about joining up.

How many QT3ers play on an average night?

How many of you expect to still be playing in 6 months?

Thanks in advance.

The number fluctuates. If you get in at a peak time (say, 5-8 PST) there are ususally 3-10 QT3’ers playing. That’s weeknights. Weekends, people play more, but the time is spread out more. I am always able to find a squad of QT3’ers to play with, but sometimes it’s a small squad (the only exceptions have been late on weeknights, but that’s probably because of my timezone).

Will I be playing in six months? Probably not, but I’m not sure. If they keep adding cool new things to the mix, I would stay. If they’re basically going to keep adding new vehicles, I think I will probably burn out on the game in 4-6 months–especially if some other way-cool MMORPG comes out. For me, though, playing a game for four months is pretty impressive.

I don’t know what your situation/criteria are, but I’ll say this: PS is an awesome game. I haven’t been this hooked on a game in a long time.

I expect to be still playing in about six months, although I suspect I may be playing less often.

But that is because Planetside is precisely the sort of FPS I enjoy the most, with lots of room for position players.


After Ben let me use his trial code I’ve been hooked. I went out and got it today. It’s on sale at Best Buy for 39.99 now.

This game is outstanding.

I picked it up on Saturday. Its a great game. I usually see 3-10 Qt3s on, and you can always get together with a pickup squad.

Trial codes? Does that mean I can try the game for free?

Also, assuming I do buy PS, how do I quickly get in touch with the QT3 ‘outfit’?

You can try the game for free if you can get someone to loan you their CDs. I’m happy to send you my trial code via email. But without the CDs (or the beta, if you downloaded that when it was out), you won’t be able to play. (The game doesn’t require the CD in the drive to play it, so if anyone who lives near you has the CDs, ask them for a loan.)

Once you’re playing, you have to send a /tell to any of the regulars in-game, and we’ll invite you into the outfit. There’s no way for us to invite you without both of us being online at the same time, unfortunately.

To join us, you would have to play on the Johari server, fighting for the New Conglomerate.

I have a suggestion for the magazine editors here at qt3. This year, during the big GOTY edition, could you have an award for game specific forum with the biggest population of complete idiots? I would like to nominate PS for this award immediately. That place is rampant with morons. Big scary morons.

So would you guys call PS a success? Are there enough people playing this game that it’s going to be around in 6 months?

Unlike Eve which only has 2,000 people playing on a busy night.

It seems likely it’ll maintain critical mass for the time being.

I’m still trying to figure out why I get grief points when a tank runs over me. That’s just wrong.

So Robbo, what idiot story prompted the nomination for the Biggest Bunch Of Online Idiots award? Jackhammer Zergs rushes? Bases where no one wants to get an ANT?

Well, WW2OL is still around (unbelievably), so I would call this one of the greatest starts ever. And this is Sony, it isn’t a bunch of cornered rats fighting for survival. If they throw some money at this, and put in some really interesting material (random rogue races, outfit quests, outfit competitions, underwater battles with subs and scuba suits, heck, even a space portion where we can fly galaxys up through a tiny atmosphere to battle over orbital platforms) this game could be bigger than anything since EQ.

Maybe that’ll be an expansion with zero-G fighting, equipment, and skill sets. It’ll be interesting to see what they do to expand the game.


I think he’s talking about the official forums. And I agree with him–Jesus H. Christ, what an incredible bunch of whiny, juvenile assholes.

Join us in planetside, the more the merrier. Also, I don’t see why people are so reluctant to grab ANT’s. That is like XP gravy.

I think he’s talking about the official forums. And I agree with him–Jesus H. Christ, what an incredible bunch of whiny, juvenile assholes.[/quote]

Yes, those posts in that forum. I read one post today (which I was honestly angry at), in which the guy whined about how ‘hardcore gamers’ were taking over the servers, and then proceeded to describe just about any decent strategy anyone has tried on any side. All I could think was “…this…guy…is…stupid.” Hulk like rage taking over

I think he’s talking about the official forums. And I agree with him–Jesus H. Christ, what an incredible bunch of whiny, juvenile assholes.[/quote]

Thats too bad. During the beta you couldn’t have asked for a better, more helpful bunch of people (of course theres always a jackass or two). The PS beta should be held as the standard as to how every beta should be run.


For scratching the paint.

Duh. :D