PS: new XP system explanation--by the devs

Saw this dev post on the PS boards:

The system is pretty much like it was in Beta, but with a few variables changed in the equation.
Basically, there’s a 25-minute window that’s tracked. That window ends upon a successful hack occurring. (10 minutes before the hack occurs and the 15-minute window while the hack is happening.)

This is divided up into time slices (5-second windows). We track how many of those slices you are in the SOI. We also track how many enemies were in the SOI during each of those slices.

Slices where enemies are present are worth more than slices where enemies are not present. Various amounts of enemies affect the slices more heavily.

When a hack is successful (the building changes ownership), then everyone that was in the “winning” side gets xp for their slices.

If in a squad, all the slices are averaged together. This allows all squad members to benefit, even if they weren’t all there at the same time. It does encourage squads to “stick together” rather than splitting up to various bases in order to “cap squat” (sneaking in right before the cap occurred in order to reap the rewards), which is what was happening with the old system.

Before anyone gets upset because this “leaves the support folks in the cold”, it pretty much doesn’t. If they are in the SOI (and SOIs are generally bigger than you think), then they’ll wrack up xp also. ANT drivers contribute xp to the squad when they refill silos, so that shores up their absence. Galaxy pilots either a) aren’t in the squad, or b) usually land/bail and fight along with the squad. Other support folks tend to hang with their squads (engineers, medics, hackers) and actually contribute points accordingly.

Resecuring is just like capturing, but the max xp is a bit lower (3000 instead of 5000) because the time window is only 15-minutes instead of 25-minutes. But “saving” a base in the nick of time, with enemies swarming on the base can net you very good xp now.

I hope this helps you understand the system better.

If you group together and attack/defend bases, you’ll get great xp now…but only if there are enemies present. Find the risk and the xp is there waiting for you.

Apparently the system we’ve been using (having one person sit on the hack) is not the quickest way to generate XP, because everyone’s “slices” are averaged. We’d get more if the whole squad stayed. For those of you saying, “Well, someone needs to stay in the SOI or we’ll get no XP,” apparently that is not true anymore either. Same thread, same dev:

You do not need a squad member in the SOI at the time of capture or hack in order to get the reward for the time slices you accumulated.
If the capture (or resecure) is successful, then you get the points for your time slices. Period.

So: we can maximize XP by all staying and defending the hack. Or we can all move on once the hack goes in and get less XP (40% of what we’d get if we stayed through the hack), but more fighting (which itself means more XP…).

At this point XP is not the most important thing in the game to me, I’ve got decent certs already. But for those who are trying to maximize XP, thought I’d let you know.

The thread is here if anyone is interested in reading it. If nothing else, it offers the spectacle of Jonah Falcon publicly going apeshit on a game that he is reviewing.

Just an addendum: when they say that time slices with no enemies present are worth fewer XP, they mean a lot fewer. Like, practically none at all. My squad did a tactical secure last night (fought off one or two wanderers, mostly just waited for the hack in an empty base) and we got about 400 XP total, despite being there for the entire hack. If a base is truly secure, staying for the hack is not a good way to maximize XP. Even fighting in the countryside will likely net you more, and starting a new base assault (on a defended base) would net you a lot more. You’d be much better off taking the fight to the front and finding some real action, in a strict “XP over time” sense.

That’s fine by me. I like this new XP revision. The old system, which had massive armies waiting in empty bases for XP, was lame. The experience system still needs work (there should be more incentive for attacking towers–maybe give them their own SOI and a small XP award for capping them… some tower fights can be as intense as base fights), and more incentive to defend a base before an enemy hack goes in. But this is definitely a step in the right direction.

Of course it’s always beneficial to leave at least a token force behind, because if someone sneaks in and cancels the hack, nobody gets anything.

Aside from that tactical base secure and one real one, I mostly fought losing battles last night against the veritable horde of TR that came through the warp gate to Ishundar. Not much cap XP, but man did it ever boost my killboard. I’m up to 217 now, heavily weighted towards TR.

I tend to agree. In the same thread last night, the dev said that they didn’t think they needed an XP incentive for defending a base pre-hack, because kill XP just rolls in while you’re manning the walls. I think that’s BS, especially since kill XP is so much less than cap XP, but whatever. He did say they were still re-evaluating the XP system and were open to suggestions.

Must resist urge to become a XP whore and skulk around big base battles in an infil suit.

Yeah, I read the posts as well (the dev tracker is nice) and from my understanding of it, we’d be best off by fighting to take over a base, and then moving on as fast as possible - all of us. We’ll all be out of the Sphere of Influence, but when the hack goes through we’ll still get XP for all the time slices we were there for, which will be all the combat intensive ones. But we’ll be earning new time slices in combat for another base instead of additional time slices “sitting” in a hack with no action.

So all of us staying until the hack goes through would net us slightly larger XP per HACK, but in terms of XP per TIME we’d be better off moving on. Let the other squads stick around to make sure the hack goes through. ;)