PS: Outfit info

To clear up some of the confusion on the outfit.

  1. Somehow Ry promoted me to commander, so ignore all his “Greg stole it”…and really, would anyone really WANT Ry in charge? (Cheap shot, but worth it)

First things first. The ranks are nothing more than me being bored one day in my Gal, and renaming everything. If we want to change the titles I am all for it. There is no order or reason for current “titles”.

As for the promotions, I had thought that you could promote up to your “title level”, but it appears that the commander (currently me) is the only person that can make officers. Secondly, I also thought the top 3 ranks could invite in.

In short, outfits are pretty basic in the end. We can make-up any title scheme we want, and everyone that posts here (or those that wish to invite) need to be in the #6 slot (currently Captain).

Can you change mine to “God Emperor?”

And since Ben and I are twins in the game, I, too, should be named “God Emperor”.

Hmm, how about “r0X0r newb”?

All hail Greg Williams The Usurper! :D

How about trying to be semi realistic

(on the assumption that the top 4 are officers)
#7: Colonel
#6: Major
#5: Captain
#4: Lieutenant
(on the assumption that the bottom 4 are enlisted)
#3: Master Chief
#2: Sergeant
#1: Corporal
#0: Private

If not, lets use latin and confuse everyone some more. Or hell, lets just use Roman ranks!

Some research brings up:

#7: Legatus Legionis
#6: Tribunus Laticlavius
#5: Tribuni Angusticlavii
#4: Centurion
#3: Optio
#2: Tesserarius
#1: Milites Gregarius
#0: Tirones

And sorry folks, but its a “title” that applies to everyone with your rank. You can’t give people special titles.

You can if Greg demotes everyone else that holds my rank. (Except balut).

Hey, works for me.

Whatever the lowest rank is, Ben should be that. I’d be willing to go with something different–right now I think there’s some confusion among the lower ranks (is a Trooper better than a Marine? Etc.). I don’t think I’d want to go with straight Army ranks, though–this is supposed to be far-future sci-fi. Also, names that are a little more descriptive might help, especially when Sony starts implementing fire teams (sub-squad groupings) and platooons (multi-squad groupings). Maybe something like:

Executive Officer
Tactical Officer
Platoon Officer
Squad Leader
Fire Leader

I dunno. I’d kind of like to reserve a rank like “No-Skill Phoenix Whore” for Ben. Ah well.

EDIT: Whatever titles we go with, all the QT3 posters should be officers. I talked to Greg yesterday and he said he’s not sure which outfit members are from QT3. To the best of my knowledge, the following outfit members are folks from the board:

Grisha (Greg Williams)
Ben (Ben Sones)
Jason (Jason Cross)
Cip (Ciparis)
Mappy (Erik–although I don’t think he plays anymore)
McMaster (Jason McMaster)
Robbo (Rob O’Boston)
Donut (I forget who this is, but it’s a QT3’er)
Perihelion (same)
(editing names into the list so they’re all in once place for Greg)
LokustQT3 (Lokust)
Anything that starts with “Snargle”
XPlay (Christ, I thought like half the outfit was pickups, guess I was wrong!)

Anyone else that’s not on the list, feel free to add your name. I’m sure I missed folks.

I’m QT3, but keep in mind that my in game name is LokustQT3, because there were already others playing on Johari with the names of Lokust and Locust

Ya forgot me.

As for your ranks, my sense of grognard military proprietary is offended because those aren’t “ranks”, those are “roles.”

If Sony goes and implements sub-squad and multi-squad groupings, those ranks still aren’t going to mean very much, because we’re a big old egalitarian society in the first place, and we’ll have various people in various roles.

I have a large collection of far future sci-fi, especially military sci-fi, and well, in almost all of them they still use earth-derived rank structures with modifications for nationality.

I say that if we try to have something military sounding, then lets get it semi right. If we don’t want anything military sounding (“Head Banana and His Crew”), then lets just have fun with it.

I like the latin stuff, that works for me. In my old daoc guild though we had a special rank, sex-giver, for anyone who was being punished for something. Everyone in the guild was required to only call them sex-giver instead of their normal name.

Christ am I an idiot sometimes :lol:

I totally agree that everyone is going to be in every role–I wasn’t meaning to suggest that only people ranked “Squad Leader” and above could lead a squad. Anyway, I’m up for anything with the ranks.

After reading some more, I think #5 should be

#5: Praefectus Castrorum

This way we don’t confuse our tribunes. We could also anglicize all the Roman Ranks and then have:

#7: Legate
#6: Tribune
#5: Prefect
#4: Centurion
#3: Optio
#2: Tesserarius
#1: Milites
#0: Tirones

The Battletech/Mechwarrior ranks can be seen at

We could of course, translate “no skill missile whore” into Latin and put that in the rank structure or something. If we want all Qt3s to be officers though, then we should dump Prefect, move Centurion up, and put the rank for the “special” people at #4.

Again, just my thoughts.

Let’s have totally nonsensical ranks.

7 Cupholder
6 Tweeter
5 Postage Stamp
4 Potato
3 Cardboard box
2 Folicle
1 Protractor
0 Nosebleed

Snarglebargle (primary), or Snargle (Stealth), SnargleAir (self-explanatory) and SnargleSupport (was Phoenix, now going to get refigured into something else).



7 Cupholder
6 Tweeter
5 Postage Stamp
4 Potato
3 Cardboard box
2 Follicle
1 Protractor
0 Nosebleed

In the spirit of bolding mispelled text that should have been caught by an editor. Ahhh irony.

Nonsensical works for me though. I’d actually prefer it, as we are running a small, egalitarian outfit that doesn’t really care about rank, right?

Or how about the clearances from the old Paranoia RPG:

7 Ultraviolet
6 Violet
5 Indigo
4 Blue
3 Green
2 Yellow
1 Orange
0 Red

All Hail The Computer!

7 Rose Bride
6 End of the World
5 Revolutionary Girl
4 Man Whore
3 Duellist
2 Shadow Character
1 Friend
0 Comic Relief Monkey

Not inspired by anything in particular…

Anders, that’s beautiful. I vote for that. Except I would strike the girl off of revolutionary. We already have to look at Grisha as some kind of bride, so the femme thing shouldn’t be thick.

Or is that from a game I haven’t played? If so, then I vote we use Sacrifice as the game to copy. I want to be a Firefist!!!

It is, as per usual when I do stuff lately, from Revolutionary Girl Utena. All actual characters/titles. Except Man Whore, which is sort of an unofficial nickname.