PS: revive qt3 on emerald

As of my count last night, 8 of us have made the jump to the TR. Anyone else going to jump, and can we agree on a day/time to get this thing going again?

I know Robbo can’t do Saturdays. I could do Sunday morning. How is 9:00 PT for people?

Why for the love of God, TR? The TR are generally the whiniest, baby-like l337s of the game. Vanu, man, Vanu!

That’s mainly because I don’t want to start a TR and ditch my Vanu on Emerald. It’s getting to the point that I’m going to bail out of PS I think. It’s no fun without people to play with, none of my Vanu outfit on Emerald is there any more, and I hate the thought of starting over yet again, and in TR, an empire I despise. Ugh.

Another vote for Vanu, where my BR16 is located. For the love of god, man, TR are a bunch of whiny obnoxious l33t kiddies. I never have less fun than when I’m playing a TR character.

I’m only BR6 so I could go either way, but I like the TR. If everyone would prefer Vanu that’s okay with me, but I think lots of people have TR alts on Emerald that are fairly high. What’s the majority vote?

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TR = teh lame
only fukin n00bs play TR
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Yeah Vanu’s fine.

Vanu’s fine with me, especially after getting hit by the Lasher. One guy who died close to me had the best quote about the Lasher “OMG GAY ASS LASHER I HATE VS!!!”. I’m looking foreward to getting a Magmower cert.

I really don’t want to play TR, i played them in beta, and I really want to try VS

Ok, before we move on. TR or VS? Vote now folks.

As for me, dont care much since I mainly snipe. So either works for me

I didn’t mean to spark a revolt, but obviously my vote is for Vanu. It was a great empire even before the Lasher uberness, though it did take some getting used to. I have not used the new Lasher but I generally like the Vanu balance overall.

Obviously, if the majority want TR I won’t run away and pout. I might not join, but that’s my problem, not yours <g>. Or I might anyway, it’s only a game.

Nah, you’re cool Wombat, nobody thinks you’re trying to rock the boat. Okay, I vote VS. It’s the only empire I haven’t played, might as well give it a shot.

I hear the Lancer is like a Sniper Rifle Of Death, too…you might want to try it out.

Okay, I re-re-started as a Vanu on Emerald. So far, so Barney. The Pulsar seems pretty decent–the damage is not huge, but the range is pretty good, and the ability to switch to AP mode is handy for scaring off Reavers and Skeeters. I think the AP damage is really terrible–I’ve never killed a vehicle despite emptying multiple clips into an AMS. But it at least makes you FEEL like you can do something against all those vehicles. The main benefit to the rifle is not having to carry two types of ammo. In my “assault” config I usually carry two weapons, ammo, REK, handful of grenades, and 3 medkits. With the Pulsar, I save so much ammo space that I have 6 medkits. THAT’S handy.

BR4 is just around the corner…

Yeah, that single ammo stuff is very handy. Got BClem as a Med Assault/Reaver guy. Wanted to try my hand at flying.

I’ve been Vanu from mid-beta and I’ve grown to love the Pulsar, especially since they anti-nerfed it a while back. Great mid to long range firepower really. AP is a good psychological boost :) and I have, actually, killed something with it, once or twice (ok, after someone else hit it with decimators :D ).

Lancer is great. Beamer pistol worthless. Lasher seems to be killer now. Magrider best Carmageddon imitator on the planet.

I’ve moved Snarglebargle to Vanu on Emerald, and now have BR3 and my Lasher.

Also, I’ve beaten KOTOR for the first time.


I shot down a Liberator with a beamer yesterday.

Yeah, I took over all of Amerish with nothing but my knife. I even used it to hack enemy CC’s.

Back in the real world of the imaginary war on Auraxis, I hit BR5 today with my Vanu guy. Lancer City, and I am the mayor! Current certs: Reinforced, MA, AV. Do we have anyone taking vehicles? I might pick one up next. Can’t decide if I should grab a transport vehicle or a combat one, though…

Oh, and speaking of the Vanu knife, I saw the weirdest thing today: there is some outfit who, whenever they are about to have a hack finish, do the “duck walk”: they all crouch, pull out the knife on secondary fire (which, I have to concede, sounds vaguely like a duck quacking) and duck-walk around the CC. Totally bizarre, but I almost fell out of my chair. Too bad Cathcart isn’t playing this game.

Duck walking Vanu knifers? What is the world coming to? That, though, is just too funny.

QT3 outfit has been recreated. Emerald/Vanu, with yours truly as dictator-in-charge. Grisha, TheWombat, and BClem have invite powers. There are some other guys in there that we don’t know that I needed to create the thing, so be nice to them. We need all the point we can get before we can get our Fighting Poodle logo.


I was wrong. You guys are still playing this.