PS: Stats

For those that haven’t seen it…

Nice idea, but I really wish they offered up more information, both on this and on the individual stats pages. I would like to see a lot of my in-game stats info (infil suit kills, agil suit kills, etc) on my web stats page as well. It would also be nice to see a ‘killed by’ to go along with my kills to sort of gage my ability. I know there are times where it seems like I get killed 10 or more times without taking anyone else down, but other times I’ve waded through a facility killing 10 or so people without dying. It would be nice to see if I’m ahead of the curve.

Was cool to see that I have 22 facility hacks though!


I wish they would keep in-game stats on kills per log in. I can’t help but judge how I’m doing by that number, but its hard to keep track of during a big battle. I’m starting to get 2 or 3 kills per each life, mostly through surge and jackhammer, with the occasional darksight execution. And most of those are by getting the jump on someone using my speed to get behind them. I’m toast if I have to charge someone head on at range.

On another front…sorry to anyone who was involved in many of my sunderer massacres last night. I’ll stick to the roads more, I swear!! Last night I felt like the biggest AV target on foresal.

Bleh. I’m disappointed that I don’t seem to be getting credit for any of my (mostly unintentional) team kills.

So I’m going for Combat Engineering guy. I just need to dump my AMS cert and get Reinforced Exo and I’ll actually be able to carry guns AND engineering gear at the same time.

What do you guys find is the best implant?

And dudes, we need sigs so we can all have these:

Engineering is a good idea. Vehicles usage is becoming much more prevelant in my opinion. The first few weeks there would rarely be more than 1 or 2 vehicles in a battle, but now you’ll see them back and forth from bases in a steady stream. I haven’t seen a real tank battle yet though.

I have–Magriders, from what I saw, have a huge advantage because their weapons are easier to target and they can dodge incoming tank shells more easily.

You know, I have quite a few contributed points to our outfit to only have 26 kills.

I’m confused about the promotion thing. Is it automatic? Or does someone sit there and promote people? And the names of the ranks just confuse me since they bear no relation to any service I can think of.


so how do I get my nifty little snapshot ?

Too bad I’m on TR. Cip killed me the other day tho :) for all the stat goodness.

Falkenberg, as in John Christian Falkenberg? Crikes, reading these PS threads is torturous since I’d love to play but it seems like an Athlon 900/512MB/64MB video card isn’t going to cut it.

From what I’ve read, PS seems to be what Valve envisioned for Team Fortress 2.


except it exists

You know, after thinking about, the thing I like the most about PS is the fact that its the first open-field FPS game where cover actually feels useful and is actually present.

Operation Flashpoint was stupid, IMO, because you could lie down with a machine gun and kills someone else lying down with a machine gun because they were on the same polygon as you.

BF1942 is fun, but cover is useless. The best cover I’ve ever had was playing EOD and hiding behind a strategically placed ammo box.

PS has great terrain with trees and ridges and lots of boxes and barricades to hide behind. Also, there’s enough people on the larger battles to actually have a front line of some sorts. It just all (so far) seems to work out really well.

And there’s fun touches too. Getting an entire squad of 10 into a Galaxy, getting it up over a tower, and then having a full drop onto the roof was just a lot of fun – and that was with a pickup squad!

So I’ve been having fun so far.

Pretty schweet.

Sorry :) I, um… didn’t know it was you! Honest!

These auto-images are pretty clever. I’m impressed.

I dropped galaxy and got a reaver cert to try it out and man is that shit fun. I mean, I love flying the galaxy and dropping people at spots but I really freaking dig killing people in a reaver. What I’m thinking is that I should save up some points and get a cert in galaxy again so I can be the outfits flyboy. I really love this game.

That’s the one. I suppose to remain faithful to the original I should be NC, but c’est la guerre.