PS: The Daily Grind Thread

This is the thread that I am creating to talk about all the battles we have every day.

Today, a mixed squad of QT3 and other guys were fighting over Mont for nearly 3 hours I think. QT3 (NC) had some AMSes around the south side. Vanu had the north tower, and TR had the base. TR attempted to cap the base, but ran out of power. The base was neutral for the next hour as the heaviest fighting I’ve seen raged all around the base. The TR managed to hold their ground though, and no one got into the base. However, no ANTS managed to get in to resupply the base.

After a good amount of this, the NC slowly slid up around to the north and grabbed the tower from the Vanu, who then all went away. At that point, we managed to hack an enemy AMS and park it right outside the gate. Our troops poured into the courtyard, firing away and…

It was the furthest we got. I don’t know what happened but everything fell apart. The NC got pushed back into the tower, starting the “shoot the doors carnage”, they eventually capped, and shortly after they managed to get an ANT through. The dispirited NC then went away to sulk.

I quit.

But it was fun. It was laggy on my system – AMD 1600+ GF4Ti4200 1 gig of RAM. Maybe I should upgrade the CPU. I think I can put up to a 2600+/266 in my Nforce 1 board. It would probably help huh?

Very cool! I wanted to get to that battle, but Solsar was poplocked all night whenever I tried to get in. I ended up on Hossin, which was also the site of a massive NC vs VS (vs VS, that’s funny) battle. We slowly fought our way into two base captures. It was really cool, because there was tons of outdoor fighting at one of them–the base had gone neutral, we had an AMS south of the base, the Vanu had a tower north of the base. So we kept meeting in the woods outside the west-side gate to the base. I love outdoor fights. Good bridge fight in that battle, too.

I burned my AMS cert last night to pick up Infiltrator. I remembered having a blast soloing as an Inf during beta. I’ve either lost all skill, or it’s much harder to be an Inf now. Maybe because lots of people are higher BR and have DarkLight; or maybe just because the battles are so much more crowded. Anyway, I was getting wasted left and right. When I hit BR12 (1 more bubble) I’ll trade in Inf and pick up some 3-cert thing that will help the outfit–maybe engineering, so I can repair armor for folks, or maybe a MAX.

Infiltrator suits are a lot harder to use now because so many people have darksight, it’s true. However, if you’re a stealth engineer, you can use that to your advantage, by luring people to where you have your boomer set up :)

The best way to force yourself into a pop-locked continent is to drop on a continent that has a warpgate to the one you want to get on, then go park yourself in the warp tube. When a spot opens up, you’ll port there immediately. People are always dropping out in a pop-locked continent, but it takes longer to register on the map than it does anywhere else.

I was on Hossin last night as well, bought the game yesterday and got up to BR5. VS had one facility left when I got tired of this massive static battle I was dying in and decided to call it a day. The battle was weird, it was against TR in the middle of nowhere.

Curse you Ben, I’ve been playing for 3 days now and I’m still not quite to level 5.

Then again, I’ve still yet to get involved in a prime-time battle. I mostly log on for an hour before work in the mornings.


Also, I’m cycling through the certs like mad trying to find one I like. I’m thinking maybe I’ll go all MAX soon, and switch between AA and AV as needed.

I CAN’T FLY THE REAVER TO SAVE MY LIFE! I keep trying, I keep getting waxed by people on soapbox racers, mosquitos, bicycles, etc. I can’t maneuver, I always miss with my rockets, and I keep flying into the ground when I’m trying to pursue ground-based targets. Worse, Hossin has this crappy cloud cover today so visibility is ZERO. I continue to have horrible framerates and skipping, I can’t decide if it’s due to my machine (xp 1600+, ti4600, 512mb with ALL THE EYECANDY TURNED OFF) or just my cable connection. Any pointers?

RAM. The game really needs 1 GB to run smoothly. The choppiness is okay for a ground-pounder (although in huge battles it’s bad even for me), but not for a stick-jockey.

I’m terrible with the Reaver, too. I suspect it’s a combo of my so-so machine and my very poor connection. My cable provider is having all kinds of problems in my area lately. They’re coming out to work on my system in a few days, and I’ve put PS on the shelf until then.

Of course, if I still can’t fly the Reaver well after they fix my connection, I’ll just have to admit that I suck.

I can’t fly anything beyond the Galaxy reliably, and that’s because it’s slow and ungainly, like me. I liked the Skeeter in beta, but since launch I have eschewed it and the Reaver except for a few trial runs. I just am not effective enough to make the certs worthwhile.

I use mouse/keyboard to fly; does anyone use a stick? I can’t think it would help with these weird planes.

I bought (err, trained) the lightning. Seems fun, but I miss my eng cert that I ditched for JH awhile back: this thing needs lots of repairing. Fast though, and just great against non-striker-carrying infantry.

Nerf strikers.

Oh, yea, the Reaver is freaking impossible for me. I was cruising around trying to kill any vehicle reinforcements for this big battle at just high enough that I can see the ground. I see a galaxy flying along, start shooting near it(It’s freaking impossible to hit anything, I’m going to try and use my joystick next time.) He swerves into the forest, I try to follow him, and kablammo. Right into the trunk. Man, I’m sure he felt cool. The plan was to take the reaver because it’s a good solo vehicle, but that is clearly not working. I’m thinking I should invest in a MAX.

Oh, I suck pretty hard. I have like 7 kills. The highlight of me sucking was when I accidently fired my punisher rocklet at the vehicle console at point blank range. Grief points aplenty there.

But you can get some pretty good experience in the virtual place(up to BR3, I think), and I was logged in for a large scale successful NC campaign. Now that I know my way around the game I’m going to try and contact one of the Qt3 outfit people so I can get some squad action. Is there a “Is this person online?” command?

I have a gig of Ram and a 2.6 GHz machine, but my super-shitty video card was clearly holding me back. I needed to turn down the options hard to play at 1024x768.

yeah- check on the squad tab, find ‘friends’, add the name of one of the regulars (Rywill, Xpav, Ciparis, Grisha) and it will tell you if they’re online. Then send a message ‘/tell Rywill Lemme into the squad’ and they should respond.
My Planetside experiences probably aren’t as fruitful as everyone else. I’m in Australia so I have to live with the fact that the fastest server still gives me a ping of about 250 which is too high for accurate shooting. I also find that my prime time is everyone else’s bed time so I run around depopulated servers. Much of my time is spent typing ‘LFS’ and similar comments because there isn’t too much instant action happening.
I’m sure if I was involved in a regular squad thing with everyone playing a role in a self-contained unit this game would be great. As it is, I spawn, run, hack, die, spawn somewhere incomprehensible, run for 10 minutes, hack, die etc.

Man, today STARTED pretty well but then kind of degenerated. At first we were hopping around in Grisha’s Galaxy, which was like a blast from the past. That thing is great. We should use it more often. But then we ended up in an area that was getting overrun. That can be fun if it’s not a total slaughterfest, but tonight was a slaughterfest. So we recalled, and then all zipped out to Ishindar instead–which was ALSO a slaughterfest.

Ah well. The beginning of the evening was great fun, and I scored a few kills. Still not quite to that magical BR 12, though…

Whoo dogger, I take back all that stuff I said about infiltrator suits being useless nowadays. The key is just to avoid the huge 100-vs-100 battles; going into something like that, you’re bound to be darklighted/seen/caught in a crossfire. But in 30-on-30 battles, the inf can really rip some guys up. I was getting many kills per death, which is unusual for me.

I also made the magic BR 12, which means I can trade in the Inf suit for a three-cert skill. I’m thinking of going Falcon MAX, but I’d go Engineer if people thought we really needed them (just regular engineer, not combat–so I could fix armor and MAXes). Also, what do people think are good implants for an assault grunt? I have surge (which rules)…second wind? Advanced healing?

I’ve got engineer – ain’t planning on dropping it.

As for NC grunts, I hear much bitching about Surge + Jackhammers. Since I don’t have a Jackhammer, I have Advanced Regen so I can take less medkits around with me. That plus the armor gun means that I die less and play more.

You won’t see much of me in game for the next week or so - I’m busy packing to move into our new house. Should be settled down and back online again as of next week. I’m sure I will still be irresponsibly looking at the boards while at work though. :)

Have you used a MAX before? I must admit that I’m not overly fond of it. I dropped my advanced hacking and spent those 2 and an extra cert to get the whatever config is anti-infantry. It sucked.

Inexicertatus Meretrix Missilis

…or, alternatively…

Scortum Insciens Missilis

Either way, “No Skill Missile Whore”.

Someone want to add this to replace Captain in our Rank table?

Have Phoenix, Will Travel

Thanks for the story on Mont. I had to go before we took that tower from the VS, but I’m glad we at least did that. It was a terrific stalemate for an hour plus, with the NC among the rocks in the valley, the VS sniping from the tower ridge, and the TR packed like sardines in the CC and the underground. I managed to do a complete loop of Mont in my enforcer with McMaster gunning, and we really got a good overview of the battle (before careening Dukes of Hazard style off the Vanu cliff and running into a mine field).

We could have taken mont back if we had been able to secure the backdoor. The TR were running guys through that from an ams all night (at least until I left). Effectively we were sieging them but without cutting off their resupply lines. I did get into the cc twice (up top) but it had a TR max backed by a squad of inf. We really needed someone with CR rank high enough to organize an assault on the CC or the back door. Fun night for sure.

How would one become a part of QT3 on Johari? Right now I’m in an outfit on Emerald, which is probably going to be abosrbed into another outfit there as we’re too small to really thrive. So we’re not expanding (hah!) into the other servers like we were going to. I have a character on Konreid and one on Joharit (TR and NC, respectively).

I’ve been a QT3 lurker/viewer/occasional poster for years–Bob Mayer is the name–and Ben Sones who was visiting in town the other day mentioned you guys have an Outfit on Johari. My character there is TheWombat and though he’s only like BR 4 or something (my main on Emerald is BR15 CR1) I would like to join up if possible.

Send a tell to any of the officers. Ben, SnargleBargle, Grisha, McMaster(THATS ME!!!), and many others, can’t remember. We can invite you at that point.