PS1 games on the PS2

Anyone else have problems playing some PS1 games on the PS2?

I am, but I think it stems from my not having a PS2.

You might want to say WHICH games you are having problems with :)

Stand the PS2 on its side. The laser reads better that way and copes with blue disks much better.

Thanks Tyrion,
Weird though. I actually have to turn my machine upside down.

I don’t know if it’s true for the PS2, but using the PSone upside-down was not very good for it.
Bad reads on the PSOne were usually a sign of a dying laser, but I’d expect the PS2 games to be screwing up as well… :?

That doesn’t sound too healthy to me.

How clean are those PS1 discs?

Did a small child try to play a jelly sandwich with the PS2? (My kids have destroyed 2 dreamcasts, 1 Gamecube, a horrendously expensive official N64 dev system and 2 VCRs in their time).

Have you done the “open drive and shake upside down” thing? When I did this the other week a chest-wig’s worth of dog hair fell out of mine.

On the other hand - if it works, and you aren’t getting grinding noises, who cares?


Some PS1 games are not compatible with the PS2 system. google it and you will find a list of which ones.

As the PS2 is a very expensive piece of shite, this will often cause problems. Often times you can play one type of game (CD based) and not the other (DVD based) or vice versa. Do a search on PS2 repair. You will wish you never bought one.

Moving the PS2 around worked for a bit for Suikoden 2. Then they burned down Toto. Dammit.