PS2: D&D Heroes...anyone

Anyone heard or seen anything about PS2 Dungeons And Dragons Heros? Did Infogrames/Atari shoot their wad with “The Matrix” games, and hold this one back?

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Wait, has Infogrames just given me “the finger” (or v’s or whistles or whatever the Euro equivelant is). The Dungeons And DRagons Hero’s sites says this:

"May 13th, 2003
News Update: Release date and Platform
The release date for Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes has been moved to October 2003 and will be exclusive to the Xbox platform."

I heard it’s become an X-Box exclusive, so no PS2 version. :(

Here’s the relevent news article at Gamespot.

OK, that basically sucks. Is “Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance II” still on target?

Infogrames stole Atari’s name, did they have to steal the “SUCK” too? (post 1984 of course)


I think so - still PS2 and X-Box.

And even if that doesn’t ship the designers of BG:DA are making an Everquest whack’em.

Let me second or third the sucking. I had seen preview ads for the PS2 version on the backs of manuals for other games and was relatively excited as I thought BG:DA became repetitive and boring by the time I got to those swamp levels.

I have yet to see an explanation as to why it became an X-box exclusive. It was scheduled for the Gamecube as well. I think I will blame it on Bill Gates.

I believe it’s because they bit off far more than they could chew. Consider that it was originally supposed to be out months ago simulateously released on multiple platforms and now it’s supposed to be out months from now on one. It’ll probably be a year late by the time it’s done and doing a Gamecube port would probably add another six or eight months of dev time on top of that.

That is along the lines of what I had assumed. If that is the case, I wish they would have said why go with the X-box X-clusive and not the PS2. Is it still that much easier to develop for the X-box, or do they see that platform as the one they can sell more copies on?

Well, competition’s pretty light on the Xbox. Brute Force, reviewed as a good, but not great game by most, is like the fastest selling Xbox game ever. I think that’s what happen when you don’t have an interesting game come out for months, the owners are starved for content.

I think they were already doing Xbox development. At least that’s the platform I saw the game on when I interviewed at Microprose/Infogrames/Atari last fall. If anyone said anything about the state of the engine on other target platforms, I’ve forgotten it, but I know it was running on the Xbox and looking decent last August.

Microsoft is doing a big marketing push too. They’re running TV ads for it.

They desperately need to create some strong franchises for the Xbox.