PS2 European Prez to Press: Bullshit!

[url=]PS2 European Prez to Press: Bullshit!
It must be good to be David Reeves, President of Sony’s PS2 European operations, but what is this guy eating for breakfast? Grumpy-Os? PC Pro portrays him as a wee bit upset that some in the press were wondering if sales of the PS2 had flattened.

‘We get many headlines saying that the PlayStation 2 has peaked,’ he told an attentive audience. ‘It’s bullshit. It has not peaked. We’re only halfway through the cycle.’ He then went onto state that he would not be following the approach of the Americans, adding: ‘We have no intention of going down in price immediately in the PAL territories.’
Sony’s sold about 22.5 million PS2s and hopes to sell about 45 million by 2008, which is when all the PS2s will be networked, achieve consciousness, and ruthlessly hunt down and obliterate everyone responsible for the I, Robot movie.

Two words… Emotion Engine.

Wait a minute. So they’ve sold exactly half of the total number of units they intend on selling during the product’s lifetime and they are “halfway through the cycle”. Isn’t that the definition of “peaked”?

It’s not peaked in the middle of the cycle if it is still seeing growth of sales all the way through its “cycle”…

Peak is normally used in a context of “units in a time period,” not “aggregate units to that point.” Otherwise a peak would be meaningless; the PS2 wouldn’t peak until they stopped making them.


Thanks, best laugh by far this day, up to now. (Though it’s only a quarter to ten so far. But anyway.)