Ps2 game called megatropolis? (possibly wrong name)

i was going through the ps2 used game display at gamestop during their buy 2 used get one used free offer and saw a cutsey cartoony game i thought was called megatropolis or megametropolis. but i never heard of it and there was no description on the back. i tried to find info about it on google but i think i misremembered the name. it looked sorta like a japanese style city strategy game. anyone have any idea what game that this is?

Metropolismania from Natsume.

“Sorta like a Japanese style city strategy game” sorta does it justice. It has elements of SimCity/Town in that you manage building and road placement, but it operates on a far more personal level with regards keeping your populace happy. Not a great game by any means though it had a certain charm.

that’s it! thanks.