PS2 go boom?

I received an e-mail about slimline PS2 power adapters being defective,
and after some investigation[1] of the addresses, I dared clicking the link

Seems legit, part of SCEE’s network etc. So a slim PS2 from the second
half of 2004 might actually be a danger to your health. Order a new one if
you don’t feel like being maimed for real during those Tekken matches
with your friends :)

[1]The e-mail was in Norwegian, and they knew who I pretended to be
when registering my PS2.

It’s definitely legit, and I received my replacement within a week and a half.

I think the site was screwed up for a while, though, or they expanded the recall at some point. When it was first announced, I plugged my model info in and it told me that I didn’t need a replacement. Looking at the javascript, it seemed like it was only accepting the older models as qualifying. A while later I saw a note at an EB Games about the recall and slim PS2s, I went back to the site, and it then said that I did qualify for replacement.

So, if you have a slim PS2, it might be worth rechecking…