PS2 in 480p

I noticed that God of War supports progressive scan, so I booted it up to see what it would look like on my new HDTV. But when I try to switch into progressive mode, it doesn’t take.

I know my TV supports 480p, because it supports everything. So I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong. Are progressive scan modes only available via component cables? I have component cables for my PS2 but currently it’s connected to the TV via S-video.

s-video doesn’t support a progressive signal; it’s interlaced only. You’ll need to use your component input if you want 480p (or better).

Yep, component cables only.

Got it, thanks.

You can get them from bestbuy for 14.99 ish. ALso you have to enable it in the system settings menu when you boot with out a game in.

Unfortunately there aren’t many 480p PS2 games… and only one that’s “HD” (GT4). Gamecube has several but getting the component cable isn’t easy. Dreamcast 480p games are surprisingly gorgeous.

Proscan support has realy stepped up on the past year with quite a few AA-AAA releases getting it.

A lot of games let you enable enable in the game menus (Ratchet & Clank, Jak, and Shadow of the Collossus all come to mind). Others I think you have to hold down Triangle and Square or something like that during boot.

Yeah, quite a few releases like Soul Calibur 2 and 3, Radiata Stories, Burnout 3/Revenge, and Star Ocean 3 require you to hold down triangle + square as the game boots – if successful, you’ll get a prompt to switch to prog scan. Really annoying, but MAN does Burnout Revenge look/play awesome at 480p 16:9.

Also, many HDTV’s have a built-in deinterlacer or scaler. Depending on the quality of your set, it might be easier to just use it instead of faffing around with your playstation settings. The PS2’s built-in deinterlacer is supposed to be a good one, though.

All HDTVs have built-in deinterlacers, but that’s not the same as what happens when the PS2 outputs games in progressive or not. Even on a high-quality HD set, the PS2 looks better running in 480p than when running in 480i.