PS2 playback through Geforce 4 S-Video In

So I’ve got my PS2 plugged into my GF4, and it looks great on my LCD, but there’s this annoying very slight flicker due to the shitty syncing of the playback software (Winfast PVR or somesuch).

Does anyone have a recommendation of something free that does it better?


That’s the one everyone talks about. Hope your card is supported!

I’ve been surfing around looking for a new card since my Gateway Geforce2 is a serious piece of crap. Being able to play my PS2 on my computer would be pretty nice, what manufactures should I look for here? Out of all the Ti4200’s and 4400s I’ve checked on pricewatch none have “TV-in” listed under the product specs, is that something exclusive to the 4600 line?

They’ll usually say VIVO (video in/video out). Most 4200 with this will be 128 MB models.

I did some more reading and it looks like DScaler pretty much doesn’t support any VIVO graphics card. Bummer.