PS2 RPG/Action/Adventure/Hack 'n' Slash Games

I just finished Devil May Cry, I’m close to finishing RotK (rented for a week) and I’m getting into Dynasty Warriors 3. I have ICO, but have only completed the first few levels. I love these games; any other stand out titles?

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance? Champions of Norrath: Realms of EverQuest? Maximo? Rygar? The new Castlevania?

BG: DA is great with Co-op. Rygar is nice but short. Beyond Good and Evil is on sale for 9 bucks at Circuit City. Metal Gear Solid Substance is also going for cheap. If you like ROTK I thought the TT was better (even though its only single player).

edit Maximo is going for $11 used at

BG:DA is pretty good. You can get it real cheap, now, and if you like it, the sequel is coming out very soon as well.

I haven’t played the other games you mentioned, though.

I loved Devil May Cry, too. You could rent Onimusha for PS2 and see if you like that as well; it’s older so it’s a pretty inexpensive buy these days.

Maximo and Sly Cooper are fun PS2 platformers (if you like platformers). I liked Klonoa 2 and Rayman 2 as well, but YMMV so again, you could always rent them first…

Maximo is top notch. One of my favorite games on PS2.


Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes is a BG:DA clone with some good gameplay and co-op mode.

Mark of Kri is a hack and slash with a fair bit stealth thrown in for good measure with the finest of production values.

The game made me feel like a stealthy tattoo’d Conan captured in a Disney film.

Great game. Tons of fantastic stealth kill animations, and the addition of the bird scout was a really brilliant way to minimize the pain of the stealth scenes. I really liked it.

Beyond Good and Evil. Not very slashy, but still really good. Maybe Onimusha? I couldn’t stand it but a lot of people seem to like it. Should be cheap now, too. You might get a kick out of Dark Cloud 2 as well.

I need to play Mark of Kri.

(aka. another bid for Mark of Kri)

Contra is pretty fun, but tear-your-hair-out-hard. Rygar, Shinobi, and Castlevania are all decent, but mostly mediocre in my opinion.

Devil May Cry 2 and the Bouncer offer what you want in very very very small doses, so you could consider those for rentals.

But I don’t ever feel bad recommending Ratchet and Clank to anyone, it’s got a whole hell of a lot of weapons and is genuinely great fun.

I hate, hate, hated the new Contra. The quasi-3D graphics looked awful. And I’ve never really been a fan of the series.

They need to port Gunstar Heroes to GBA.

Dynasty Warriors 3 rocks so hard, so great call there, but be sure to get the Xtreme Legends expansion pack (ignore the stupid name, it adds a lot to the basic game, so much that I can never go back to just playing the original by itself). DW4 and DW4:XL aren’t bad by any means, but I think they were noticable steps backwards.

Likewise, I think The Two Towers is a better game than Return Of The King, and this isn’t just nostalgia speaking since I got them both at the same time. Just like DW4, RotK isn’t awful or anything, it’s just not as totally great as TTT.

Devil May Cry 2 is, the game case’s adamant protestations to the contrary, duller than hell. Duller than FUCK, actually. So avoid it. It’s not even worth a rental, since you’ll still be wasting several hours on it when you should instead be wasting those hours on the vastly superior original DMC. Onimusha at least does the intangibles really well (atmosphere, story, etc), but the controls are much worse than DMC in my opinion, so I found it to be really frustrating instead of fun.

BG:DA is thus far my favorite action-RPG. Not sure why, since I’ll admit Diablo 2 is more infinitely replayable and Nox/Divine Divinity tell better stories - there’s just something about how BG:DA feels more like a pure arcade game with RPG elements than the others that appeals to me. The slick graphics don’t hurt, either.

As far as platformers go, it doesn’t get any better for me than Rachet & Clank 1/2 or Ape Escape 2.

And for stealth games, Tenchu:Wrath Of Heaven is my pick, although Mark Of Kri is pretty good. Metal Gear Solid just got old in record time for a number of reasons.

Thanks for the help. Btw, does Rachet and Clank have an auto-camera? I know it may sound stupid, but I’m not carzy about manual cameras, like in Splinter Cell on PS2.

Are the Lord of the Ring games more like Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance or Dynasty Warriors?

Gauntlet Dark Legacy was pretty good.


More Dynasty Warriors I think.

Definitely more Dynasty Warriors than BG:DA. Tons and tons of enemies swarming you at all times, plus you use experience to purchase new combos or improvements to your special abilities. You don’t have any inventory whatsoever, which of course is a huge part of games like BG:DA, finding all those weapons/armor/items with varying magical properties. Hell, there’s more inventory stuff in the DW games than in the RotK series.

Oh yeah, and R&C’s camera pretty much swivels to stay behind the character at all times, unless you go into first-person view.

Oh yeah furthermore! Gauntlet:Dark Legacy surprised me by how decent it was. I haven’t gotten to play much so maybe I didn’t have enough time to watch it get old, not sure, but it was pretty solid. I didn’t get to play multiplayer, though, which makes me wonder - does it automatically boost the difficulty if more players join in the game? Because I did find it incredibly easy. And it’s something more than just “well duh, that’s why it’s the beginning part of the game”, I mean there was nothing remotely challenging to be found in it. Basically, does it ever get somewhat difficult?

I just might have to pick it up then.

Actually, they’ve moved on to Dynasty Warriors 4 and DW 5 should be out in March I think. From what I can tell DW 4 is essentially DW3 and Xtreme Legends (the bodyguard and character building) with better animations and new maps. I don’t know this but I suspect that the unaligned characters like Lu Bu are unlockable in DW4 whereas you get them automatically in DW3:XL.

I think the previous poster may be confusing DW2 and DW3/DW3:XL. There is no DW4 XL that I know of - they’re moving right on to 5.

The Encyclopedia feature is updated and actually explains what the hell’s going on storywise. This is a bit overdue for the U.S. fans who, unlike me, aren’t going to buy imported manga, books or read up about the setting on websites. I got hooked way back with Romance of The Three Kingdoms. (Which I used to be able to abbreviate as RoTK.)