PS2 rules!

Ok, not really, but with all the talk about console graphics and stuff, here are some pics of The Sims for the PS2 that actually look quite a bit better than the PC version – not hard to do, of course. It’s some french gaming site:

I wonder if the urination has been toned down for a console release?

Crazy moon man language. Those do look nice. Actually, I think Evil Avatar had some pix, too, when I happened to be over there today, but I am little hesitant to mention it. :) Oops, guess I just did.

If Sony wants to be consistent; take out the boobs in BMX XXX = take out the urinating in The Sims.

Will it make me a complete hypocrite if, after bashing The Sims/The Sims Online/Endless expansions consistently on this board, I rent the PS2 edition? How similair are the gameplay mechanics to the PC behemoth? The camera view is obviously different.

I got the link from Evil Avatar too. I was looking for the Xbox Live press release and I know Evil’s something of a fanboy, so I checked there first, found it of course, and then saw The Sims link. I was quite surprised by how much improved the graphics are.

We’re probably getting a PS2 next month, so The Sims will be a sure buy when it comes out. My daughter has already requested it. I will probably play it for 30 minutes out of curiousity, but that’ll be it.

Biggest difference to me appears to be lighting.

To me it’s the move from 2D to 3D that’s most noticeable, and the closer-in camera view.

The PC’s lighting was so bright and flat. Nice change.

Whew. For a second, I thought this thread was going to contain a list of rules for the IBM Personal System 2.

  • Alan

That would be PS/2 Rules Model 80.

Do not taunt Micro Channel Architecture.