PS2 Strategy Games (Good ones!)

I got Culdcept, and am going to buy Disgaea tonight hopefully. I also want to pick up FFT. Any other good strategy games? Kessen looks pretty good; is it anything as good as the Total War games?

I haven’t played Kessen 1, but Kessen 2 was mostly… odd. It takes the Romance Of The Three Kingdoms story and really messes around with it a great deal. But it’s a decent game, at least worth a rental. As far as your question of is it as good as any of the Total Wars… hell no.

My personal favorites are Dynasty Tactics and Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 8. Although RotTK7 is also extremely good, to the point where it’s almost impossible to favor one over the other.

I haven’t played DT2 and really hope to do so - I just wish they’d get rid of a couple of the most ridiculously overpowered special abilities. DT1 does so many things right but two of the “tactics” can just about win a battle for the user the moment they’re used, no matter how early on or late into the battle it is, no matter how carefully the enemy planned out their unit arrangements, etc.

RotTK8 is incredibly hard to get into because, as much of a sea of numbers as DT seems to be, RotTK is about a million times worse in that regard. You almost feel like you’re just reviewing spreadsheets half the time. And the presentation, which in DT is decent at times with some cool movies, is just plain bad in RotTK8. The artwork style is great, sure, but the animation is almost non-existent. These epic battles of tens of thousands of soldiers going at each other are reduced to what looks like a White Dwarf board game. But it’s such a ridiculously in-depth game that I can easily overlook those complaints. I’m just saying, it is definitely geared towards the most hardcore of strategy gamers.

I haven’t gotten enough time to play FF Tactics to any great extent, but it’s been interesting to say the least so far. I’m just not sure I’m having a lot of FUN yet. (Sorry for gratuitous use of the F-word.) I’m assuming that as I advance through it the depth that’s supposed to be there will reveal itself, but so far it’s felt a great deal like a regular Final Fantasy game. Yet I have a hard time believing that the great word-of-mouth reviews I heard from everyone are wrong and that it never gets better.