PS3 and slow internet

Was just curious if anyone out there ever noticed severely slow PS3 internet performance. Every time I download an update, it can take 30 minutes to download. Then last night I tried to watch some Hulu through the PS3 and it was completely choppy and unwatchable even on the low setting. On my PC, no problem, on my Xbox 360, things download really quick. My internet service is Verizon FIOS so that shouldn’t be the bottleneck. My speedtest says 18857kb/s download and 4603kb/s up, and like I said, anything else connected to this internet connection is really fast. Thanks.

Yeah, I have the same problem (wrote about it in this thread). You didn’t mention whether you use wireless or wired connection to your PS3, though (and frankly, I’m not sure if my problem is wireless related either, as I haven’t been able to try a physical connection yet).

I’ve wired my PS3’s net connection and haven’t noticed any performance issues with downloads. My cable connection is rated at 15 Mbps (and real-world is slower at the moment, clocking at between 10-12 which isn’t typical). Unfortunately, I can’t give you any anecdotal evidence based on watching streaming media, since I haven’t done so, but downloads seem snappy.

Mine is wired, although when it was wireless, it was just as bad. Does the PS3 browser somehow send everything through the PS Network or something? I can’t imagine how it would perform online if a boring download connection takes 10 times longer than it should. Will check out that other thread.

Downloads have always taken forever for my PS3, whether wired or wireless. I figured that was just the way they were made.

That would suck, seems bizarre that this would happen or that it would be somehow set up to work like this.

Stephen Totilo on MTV’s multiplayer blog did a speed roundup test for the PS3, 360 and Wii. The PS3 came out to be the fastest.

PS3 Downloads Games Fastest Over Wi-Fi

Hm, totally not my experience.

My PS3 wireless network performance is fine.

Yeah, my PS3 performance over wireless has been great.

I have heard this froim some people. Are your ports open? NAT Type 2? I put my PS3 in the “DMZ” of the router. I just knocked off the Killzone 2 demo download in less than 30 minutes so I can’t say I am having it now.

I will say, I have had this problem before, but it was never consistent.

Mine too. No open ports, no DMZ.

I will have to check the NAT 2 out (I never heard of NAT 2) and will have to definitely try my PS3 as the DMZ. Thanks for these suggestions.