PS3: And then, the universe imploded

We’re through the looking glass here, people. Up is down and black is white. Today I bought a PlayStation 3.

Well, I said I would buy one when the day came that I could stroll into a store and pick one up off a shelf without any hassle, and it turns out that that day was today.

This wasn’t my intention. I went to Target to do some Christmas shopping for my girlfriend, and the path to the section I needed took me past electronics so I decided to stop by and ask the clerk if they had any PS3s or Wiis in stock, just to see what kind of dirty look I would get.

Except I didn’t get a dirty look. He instead pointed me toward the PS3s sitting on the shelf that they had apparently unloaded from the truck about five minutes earlier. They had received a shipment of three units (OMG three! Count 'em!) comprising one 60Gb and two 20Gb systems. The 60Gb unit was already being rung up for a customer who had got there 30 seconds before me, and people were beginning to circle like vultures around the other two units. They looked a bit shocked, as though these apparent “PS3s on sale” must be some kind of cruel trick, but that confusion wasn’t going to last long. If I was going to act, I needed to act fast.

I asked the Gaming Gods for a sign. And as I looked around, I saw the store’s demo kiosk Xbox 360 blinking its three red lights of death at me. As signs go, I think that is a pretty good one. I grabbed one of the two 20Gb units, and the remaining one was grabbed by another customer immediately after that.

It should be noted that as I congratulated the guy at the register next to me for getting the only 60Gb unit, he immediately offered to sell it to me. I asked him if it was his plan all along to flip it for a profit, and he gladly admitted this to be the case.

So, now I have a PS3. I’m not quite sure what to do about it yet. It remains unopened so far. I have 30 days to return it to Target if I decide that my on-instinct purchase was a stupid one. Plus, I’m trying to figure out if the 20Gb model is really the “tard pack”. I can easily live without a built-in card reader (just plug in a USB card reader), the HDD is easily swappable for a larger model down the line, and I have a wireless ethernet bridge that will happily substitute for the WiFi. And I actually kind of like the fact that this model doesn’t come with the (I feel) somewhat tacky pseudo-bling chrome trim. So on the face of it seems like the 20Gb model is a perfectly adequate unit. I guess the only thing that’s totally missing is the PSP remote play feature, but I read somewhere that router functionality may be added in a firmware update.

Anyway. Here it sits, for now.

Its nice that you “found” it.

Rip that badboy open!

I can’t wait to hear the first-hand experience PS3 slap-downs.

The only reason I can think of the 20gb might be a tard pack is rumors the psp will only work with the wifi inside the ps3. No idea if that’s true, sounds retarded since it should just work over an ip network.

If that’s false or Sony releases an external adapter later, then it’s definitely not the tard pack. I looked at the replaceable HD slot, and it looks easy as pie to swap. Or I guess you could have a hard on for silver linings.

Resistance is a great game, amazingly fun for being an old school shoot em up. If you like Halo & Half Life 2, you should like Resistance. Just takes a bit to get over the Gears and Rainbow Six style of playing. Hiding and taking cover rarely works out well for you in Resistance.

I asked the Gaming Gods for a sign. And as I looked around, I saw the store’s demo kiosk Xbox 360 blinking its three red lights of death at me. As signs go, I think that is a pretty good one.

lol. So you bought another expensive console that is probably prone to failure? Does target even sell extended warrenties? Thank god I bought mine at Costco. Wish I had bought my 360 there instead of circuit city online.

Is that the look everyone gets after buying a PS3?

I’m really hoping I don’t stumble into a stack of Wii’s at Target or Walmart. The temptation would be awful.

How DARE you.

That guy with the 60gb PS3 is going to be disappointed when puts the PS3 up on Ebay and sees how much they have dropped already.

After seeing that receipt, exactly what are you doing with the thing since you didn’t buy any games for it? Ohh and I’m not sure if I would call that a happy look on your face either. More like a “WTF did I just do” sort of look.

What I’ve read so far indicates that the PSP currently only talks to the 60Gb via its internal WiFi connection, not via a wireless network. I guess they could add an adapter down the line, or do a firmware update?

Funny you should say that. It occured to me on the way home that this is the first time I’ve ever bought a console without buying a game to go with it. I think that speaks volumes.

I guess I could have got Resistance, but between Gears of War and Rainbow Six Vegas I feel like I am already very well served on the shooty front for now.

So in the meantime I guess I could download demos, watch Blu-Ray movies (“I am curming for yooouuu, Rickeee Burbeeee!”) and make more threads about all the things that are bound to irritate me.

The look on your face is priceless. It’s kind of a I’m-a-little-disgusted look.

Yeah. The combination of the look on Gary’s face and the blinking red lights on the 360 made this post a lot more entertaining than I would have predicted.

3.5 stars, would read again.

Shit, if they’re restocking at this rate I’m going to lose my bet with Grenz.

Those boxes are huge.

It’s HEAVY, too. Not sure if it’s heavier than the 360 box; that one was also a real back-breaker.

Jesus, do you sell crack on the side to support your gaming habits?

Be sure to fire off a Friends list (or whatever Sony calls it) to K0NY right away!

Congrats on picking one up. I kinda know how you feel, I’m often reflecting that you and I seem to share a similar level of technolust and game flightiness, but I don’t think you’ll have the same financial incentive to get rid of the thing that allowed me to part with mine. So, open that puppy up and have fun with it. If only just to run the [email protected] client and gaze upon the Cell’s power as it visualizes proteins being folded.

No, I just make lots of very rash and ill-thought-out purchasing decisions. As this entire thread illustrates rather aptly.

I just want you to know that, as a total fucking skinflint, I am taking a moment out of my day to live vicariously through you.

BRB, photoshopping my head into that picture.

Well then buy me one damnit!

Wii vs. PS3:

It’s pretty clear who the winner is.