PS3 firmware update 1.31 is live

…but what does it do? Who the fuck knows?

Oh, the suspense!

I’m on it, sir.

New wish-list item: Bluetooth KB / Mouse support. I mean, really…

Uh, doesnt it have usb ports? regular wireless KB/mice are more common than BT ones arent they?

I think he wants to be able to use a keyboard/mouse without having to eat up a USB port with some unattractive dangly dongle.

Bravo, Gary. I had been just assuming it was supported until I tried to finally connect a keyboard last night. Oops. One of those wireless DiNovo keyboards will probably do, though, and have the benefit of not looking awful in the living room. Provided it’s just using a tiny dongle, I can probably live with it.

If they had put some ports on the back like the 360 has (and earlier PS3 prototypes as well), I wouldn’t mind so much what I stuck in there. Those DiNovo KBs are pretty fantastic looking, though, and it’s a pretty good excuse to buy one again…

I don’t get this. I thought bluetooth meant universal support for all devices. Why wouldn’t a bluetooth keyboard just work?

Oh I just assumed it had the usb ports on the back. Actually, why are they in the front at all?

They just have to support profiles for each supported device type. Right now they’ve only added headsets and the upcoming BD remote.

I can understand why they’d have some ports on the front (ease of access, especially in a stereo cabinet type situation).

Btw I can’t tell what changed in the update yet. HDMI resolution modes seem to be the same, store hasn’t changed that I can tell, no change in supported devices.

Apparently there is now support for two PS2 games that used the HDD (FFXI is one, some obscure Japanese title is the other) and also improved text scaling in the web browser. I think that’s it.

Man, when are they going to improve the scaling on the ps2 BC? The jaggies on FFXII hurt.

Da nooz from da confer-ma-bob.
As of March, you will be able to multi-task [i.e. have tasks in the background] on the PS3 and resume downloads at a later date.

Apparantly the HDIP camera is an IR camera that can detect position, colour and shape, so it is the EyeToy replacement. Other peripherals will be announced, too. PSP Anywhere is a good thing, as is the news of a TiVO service. Sony finally give people some vaguely good news.

Addendum: Found via RLLMUK.

I don’t get this. I thought bluetooth meant universal support for all devices. Why wouldn’t a bluetooth keyboard just work?

Because bluetooth is just the connection medium and there is no inbuilt support for that particular device?

Used to see this a lot supporting mobile phones a few years ago people picking up bluetooth headsets and then finding out their phone didn’t support that particulr brand of headset.

PC Magazine touched on it in their PS3 review and stated that it’s due in an upcoming update. For now I bought a Logitech Edge keyboard, which uses bluetooth but also includes its own dongle that basically turns it into a wireless bluetooth keyboard; I’ll just use the small dongle until it’s supported, then switch it to straight bluetooth.