PS3 lines: anyone seen 'em yet?

Just wondered if anyone has spotted campers outside Best Buys, Wal-Marts, etc. Seems like now would be about the right time for the real die-hards to start lining up…

Yep. Couple campers out at Best Buy here. Only a few people though – you know, the insane ones.

My friend’s BF saw some camping someplace just outside of Seattle. He was going to ask about Wiis, and freaked out thinking it was the Wii line.

My brother in Orlando saw a small group outside of Best Buy there.

There were two people outside the Best Buy yesterday, but when my wife drove by today she said they were gone. Maybe they found out it’s not $300.

I have a friend who is first in line at a local best buy already. He is a sad sad man. The funny thing is his wife and kids think he is some sort of hero.

Best Buy is supposed to be chasing people away until Thursday.

They need to do away with lines and just give out tickets and random em the right to buy em for people. No lines, no fights, no bullshit.

No way man. Too easy. You want it? Prove it :)

They should just auction them onsite to the people in line. Let those who are truly most committed - ie the highest bidder - win. That would also pour a steaming pitcher of piss on the eBayers too, which can never be a bad thing.

They’d have to make it a bundle, though. Let he who is most willing to buy tons of related (or hell, unrelated!) shit from our store win!

I bid 1 washer-dryer, 15 DVDs, and as many boxes of vacuum cleaner bags as you have in stock!

Or like Robin Hood in Time Bandits, everyone gets a ticket and then is punched in the face.

Honey, good news! I’m buying you a Viking gas stove!

There are supposedly 8-10 people at a Best Buy up the highway here in Dallas, though I haven’t seem 'em myself. One of my co-workers went to go talk to them last night and verify they were waiting for the PS3.

No lines at any of the places here in Cincinnati, yet. I expect they will form come Thursday night.

40 people at best buy as of last night at 10pm. It made the front page of the paper today.

Don’t want to wait in line? Just buy a 40" HDTV from CompUSA

I ranted on my site too, of course.

My biggest complaint? The consumer that enables companies to do these insane deals. Whether Sony required or CompUSA is passing the buck, it’s still crazy talk. Why are people buying these deals, why did the 1.4k deal at walmart sell out in minutes? What’s wrong with consumers?

Eight to ten people here at Best Buy and they have tents and chairs and everything.

Credit cards. Buy on hype now, pay it off for years. I’m sure a lot of people will end up paying $3,000 or more for their ps3 even ignoring ebay, if you factor in credit card interest and such coupled with these bundles.

Man, I kind of want to go set up a tent and stuff and just camp out in front of best buy. I could dig a latrine and use it often.