PS3: No further shipments prior to Christmas?

Best Buy advisory:

Bottom line:

  • One more big batch of Wiis on Sunday (minimum 40 per store)
  • “SCEA has made an announcement that no other units will be shipped in addition to the units already being manufactured.”

So, maybe Sony’s better-than-expected restocking falls now at the final hurdle… I guess it depends on how many units are currently in manfufacturing but will still ship in time for Christmas.

Wonder what this will do to the eBay prices…?

Best guess? Nothing. Early adopters already have them. Mom and Pops probably are going to plop down that much on ebay just so Johnny have have the PS3.

You’ve settled into reasonable prices now for most auctions. Sellers are making a small fee for the flip. If the price for the item were more along the lines of say, $100 or $150, then sure you might get a bump in price on eBay for lack of stock at Christmas.

I wonder if it means Best Buy is also getting Wiimotes and Nunchuks… damn those things are a bitch to find.

forgive the off topic push, but I found a ton of wiimotes and nunchucks at target today and picked up one of each. Might be worth checking the one in your area.

I’m not sure this is actually telling us anything helpful. That bold part renders the sentence rather unspecific.

Places like Best Buy and target are supposedly getting in shipments of accessories, but are saving them to release on Sunday, along with the units.

Sometimes living in Darwin is great for in-demand technology - plenty of Wiis on the shelves here! Although the local EB had a midnight opening on launch day, there were still units available the next day.

i think i’m getting swept away by the tide of sony-freude, but:

maybe sony is planning on diverting the rest of their pre-christmas supplies to Japan, where there is a lot of demand in order to save face. They may be worried about an ebay price crash with the accompanying waves of returned products. imagine how embarassing it would be for sony if on christmas day, ps3s were readily available at any best buy or walmart…

What I find funny about the shortage of PS3 is that there isn’t a shortage at all. It’s the fact that most stores make you buy it in in a 1000 to 1200 dollar bundle. The Frys by the house has at least 20 systems but no one is buying them due to the bundle cost. If I were Sony, I would be pissed that stores were screwing up my sales.


There’s no shortage? What planet do you live on? To my knowledge the only brick and mortar stores that require purchasing a bundle are Fry’s and FYE. Gamestop/EB, Best Buy, Circuit City, Walmart, and et cetera allow you to buy only the console. Of course we can’t know what actual demand for the consoles is, thanks to ebay profiteers. However, the vast majority of stores can’t keep them on the shelves, even with weekly shipments from Sony coming in.