PS3 Pre-Orders?

I just took a whirl around the internet trying to find a place I could actually pre-order this box o’ flame bait, and discovered that none of the usual suspects were offering any. Anyone have any idea where might be a good place to look?

I’ve accepted that, like every other console, I’ll be buying it regardless of how good it is and I’d prefer not to deal with the foolishness of launch day unit hunts…

This could be the worst console launch yet sadly. Gamestop and EB aren’t going to do any preorders until October and they might not even do it at all. The only place in the US I’ve heard that is taking pre-orders is FYE (and maybe Gamecrazy).

Last year I got lucky and ordered the 360 online in December when it was on sale for literally 5 mins at I think the initial shipment #s will be the same with probably even more demand.

I think the retailers have learned from the X360 launch and are waiting for actual numbers before they allow pre-orders. Hopefully that will mean if you can get a pre-order you won’t have to wait 5 months for it to be fulfilled.

I think they are still working on creative bundles.

I’m certain all of these comments are true, and that the bundles are being designed as well as waiting for more certain stock numbers. Still, isn’t this launch supposed to happen for the Thanksgiving shopping rush? I mean, the US launch is still happening this year, right?

So that doesn’t leave much time for … well, anything.

I thought I saw something months ago about EBX “already” taking pre-orders… I guess I was wrong?

Gamestop and EB not doing some sort of bundlefuck preorder? I find that hard to believe.

My girlfriend asked an EB drone when she could pre-order the Wii and was told that they are waiting not just on price and release date but also news of individual store allocations before they start taking pre-orders. I guess they are anxious to avoid another X360 debacle.

I was talking about the B&M stores which always let you preorder the system without bundles. I’ll go out on a limb and say the best bet to get a PS3 for launch would be the bundlefucks. Anyone preorder from those places online and not get the 360 at launch? I’m curious.

Even if I was willing to pay the PS3 price and could avoid the bundle, I don’t even know what the real launch lineup is going to be yet.

To be fair the 360’s launch lineup wasn’t announced until October:

I know that GameStop’s official store policy was no forced bundles, but who knows if that will be true with the PS3 launch. In general, expect no reservations until they get firm number committments from Sony and even then the average GS/EB will probably only take about 20 reservations.