PS3 Store Update

Can I be the resident PS3 fanboi since most of you seem to be xbots? (*and i mean that in a nice way)

Anyway…today’s store update (not live yet…)

Everyday Shooter ($9.99 US)
Ratchet and Clank Future: ToD Demo
NHL 2K8 Demo
Conan Demo
Game Videos:
Uncharted Behind The Scenes II
Folklore Launch Trailer
Fallout 3 Teaser Trailer
Movie Trailers:
The Assassination of Jesse James
Spiderwick Chronicles
Walk Hard
Ratchet and Clank Future: ToD (2)
Everyday Shooter (1)
*not really


Hrm… handful of posts, posts what’s basically an ad in the wrong forum…

So…when it’s what’s new on xbox live…it’s news…when it’s PS3…it’s an ad? xbot radar alert going off…


I think he saw how much idiocy was already in this forum and figured a little VMing wouldn’t be noticed.

That “xbot” thing makes you look like a complete tool. Just fyi.

As does your “handful of posts” comment, FYI. I’m sure you started at 1 just like I did.


Yes, this is exactly what we need. A designated PS3 fanboy. What temperature do you like your tar? Do you have a preference for color and species of feather?

Sorry, Chris Nahr is our Official PS3 Fanboi. He has the title secured, as he’s managed to couch his enthusiasm for the platform in far more subtle, reasoned rhetoric than his fired-with-extreme-prejudice predecessor, K0NY.

Also, there’s a Games Forum for this sort of thing. Don’t they teach kids anything in VM school anymore?

I would say hot with green and orange…but that may make me look like a Furry(ie)…which I hate. So…I’m gonna have to pass on that.


They are not all games. So…I picked “everything else”.


We don’t generally discuss every little picture pack and movie trailer, though. I’m guilty enough of just posting “Hay guys, ‘x’ is up now/coming soon”, but it’s generally because they’re things we’re actually interested in.

It was purely informational…not for discussion…uh…yeah…that’s it!


Zep isn’t a VM, just a moron. (*and i mean that in a nice way)

I bought Everyday Shooter, by the way, and it rocks**.

*not really


I *love you too, Bob


All those demos and trailers really rock.

If you like paying huge amounts of money to go to the movies and leave right before the show actually starts.

KONY? Is that you?


Yeah, but most of us spent a bunch of time here learning the ways, the do’s and the don’ts, before we posted anything in case we made an idiot of ourselves. Of course, that doesn’t stop any of us making idiots of ourselves at times, but a little time here would have told you blatent VMing (or anything suspiciously like it) tends to get the reception you’re receiving.

This is an awesome response! Well played, sir.


Don’t use “xbots.” You’re making the rest of us look bad