PS3's Remote Play Works!

I just got done updating my PSP to version 3.0 and went through the setup on PS3 to enable remote play. It’s friggin awesome!

Basically, the Playstation 3 becomes a media server. You assign is an SSID and give it a key for encryption. Once you go into the Remote Play option on the XMB, it activates the wifi media server. You then tell your PSP to find it on the network and shake hands. Once that’s done, the PS3’s XMB appears on the PSP and you can play back music or video you have on the PS3. You can also look up people on your Playstation Network friends list and send them messages or read theirs, et cetera. It’s really cool looking.

Since the video on PS3 is 720p, I’m assuming it automatically converts it to a smaller size for PSP use. I have a blu-ray movie in the PS3, but that doesn’t seem to show up on the menu when I’m in Remote Play.

The PSP has its own browser, but when you’re connected to the PS3 with Remote Connect, you can use its browser to get online. So any bookmarks you have setup on the PS3 can now be accessed on the PSP.

I’m thinking about making a little video of it to post on youtube, but someone will likely beat me to it. So we’ll see. But in the meantime I thought I’d post this in here because it’s more about hardware than games.

So why not post all the PS3 threads in here?


I don’t understand, you can use this to stream stuff from your PS3 in your living room to your PSP in your kitchen, or you can stream from your PS3 at your house to anywhere you are with your PSP that you can find wifi?

Yeah yeah, that’s what I thought he meant too, but he just means this specific topic has more to do with the hardware than the games. This is a K0NY post/topic with absolutely no fault, let’s not destroy this thread preemptively.

I know what he meant, I was making a funny.

Well, you need something to do with your PSP other than play ROMs and SCUMMVM games it.

“Interoperability?” Really?

This sounds cool … does this mean you can play PS3 games on your PSP?

Or just watch DVDs and listen to music? Still pretty cool.

Considering that there’s virtually nothing worth playing on the PS3 right now and not much more on PSP, I guess it was crucial that Sony find something for the small handful of people who actually own both to do with them - ie make them talk to each other.

Are you shortselling Sony stock Gary? Just curious.

No, I’m just bored and bitchy.

Hahahaha, me too. And I dislike Sony’s trategy so far in theory too. Still, I wonder if Microsoft will eventually do something like this with the Zune. That would be wicked.

Hey now. I’m no fan of Sony either, but this is actually a cool feature, moreso if it can work over the internet via wifi. There’s no reason it shouldn’t work, either. Streaming music is really really easy, and streaming video isn’t so bad either.

On its own, if you have an audio out cable, this means playing your entire music library on anything that has an aux input. Very sweet if you have no ipod. This would only be cooler if you could also download stuff to flash memory from the PS3 and take in on the go, but I know they won’t allow that.

Still, as soon as I get the flash kit stuff to do so, I’m going to mess around with DS linux and see if I can get something similar going.

Are there any PS1 games available for the PSP yet? I’m mostly curious about how that works. If it works well, I may end up buying a PS3 when they become available simply for that feature.

The first games are released in Japan tomorrow, for about three pounds each.

Here’s the video I promised. It’s a bit shakey but I just threw it together.

These things are planned but they will come at a later date.

Tomorrow, the first 9 PS1 titles will be available in the japanese store:

Resident Evil Director’s Cut
Konami Antics MSX Collection Vol. 1
Konami Antics MSX Collection Vol. 2
Bishi Bashi Special
Arc The Lad
Jumping Flash!
Everybody’s Golf 2
Silent Bomber
Tekken 2
No Mr. Driller yet (was announced as one of the first 10 titles)

Each title will cost Yen 525 (USD 4,45 / EURO 3,46)

Gary stop thread crapping and keep focusing all your energy on your Wii.

Cool stuff, KONY (except the Bon Jovi part, sorry). Thanks!

Bummer about the Blu-Ray not being available to view that way. That’s a pretty compelling use for it; I wonder if it was licensing/pirating/technical concern, or a nod to the fact that they’re still trying to sell movies on the PSP itself.

thanks for the impressions, I thought it was going to be games though, I can do this w/ video and music from any PC w/ the psp already, so not much of a neato feature for me.

Yeah WTF why can’t I play PS3 games on my PSP?!?!?!!??!