PS3's Remote Play Works!

This seems like a silly way to use the PSP/PS3. What’s the point? Why not just watch/listen on the PS3 if you’re stuck in your house with it anyway?

seriously gary, it is supposed to be doing that eventually, it just stream the video and sound of the game to the psp and relays your controls input back to the ps3. Doesnt sound too hard and would be neat to continue playing your game on the shitter (though I admit I can think of absolutely no other uses)

Rear-view mirror in Formula One. It could be used to hold and sort your hand in card games [besides Eye of Judgement]. We’ll see if people can be bothered- not many took advantage of the Gamecube to Gameboy link, to the best of my knowledge.

I think arcade games are supposed to have remote play functionality eventually. As mentioned, PS1 game downloads should begin much sooner than that.

What I’d love to see is Sony delivering on the promise they once made with PS2. They said they could see something like a war game which continued on while you weren’t playing. It could send status updates to you via PSP and ask for decisions to be made remotely that would influence the course of events while you were away. Unfortunately, I doubt any third party developers would spend resources to put in a feature that required the purchase of both a PSP and a PS3.

Are they going to let you stream music/video to any device, like say a laptop, or just to a PSP?

If it’s the former then that’s pretty cool. If it’s the latter then ORB shits all over it.