PS3s stacked on a pallet at central NJ Costco

You could buy 30 of em if you wanted. Gengi, extra controller and the 60GB for $100 over the price of the system. This was Hazlet.


/KONY on/

Sony has licked the supply problems! Get your PS3 now!

/KONY off/

If only it came with a Blu-Ray Gigli…


I wonder how many people will buy the PS3 if Sony pay George Lucas to release Star Wars in Blu-ray now.

(Yeah I know its not happening.)

Oh, you think it won’t? This is “dick in your ear” uncle George you’re talking about here. However, even in blu-ray rest assured the TIE fighters will STILL have those goddamn matte boxes around them.

You do realize they stack everything on pallets at Costco, right? Or rather, they never take their merch off the pallets they’re shipped on.

Yeah, I don’t think what they were stacked on was the point.

Walked into my local mall’s EBs today and they had a PS3 in stock. The clerk told me it’s taken them a month to move 6 units. Meanwhile, the Wiis are selling as fast as they can get them in.

Two words: No games.

Absolutely every ‘must have exclusive’ on the PS3 is scheduled for a release later this year or sometime in the murky future. No Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Devil May Cry, Virtua Fighter, or (insert well known genre defining franchise here). All it has right now is an ok shooter (Resistance F0M) and a bunch of crap. The franchises that sold me on the PS2 haven’t released on PS3 yet, nor has anything else compelling. If I wanted to play first person shooters on a console (and why would a PC owner do that?) I would do it on a 360.

I’ve been accused of being a Sony fanboy here but even I can’t find a reason to buy a PS3 right now. Where are the games?

Take 'em all back to the Cold Waste to share with your fellow Shuggoths, Kadath.

That’s SHOGGOTHS, you boob.

So it is! It’s been too long since I read At the Mountains of Madness. I loaned it out and it never returned.

Oh, it will return. . . in the depths of night, when your soul is most vulnerable.