#PS4NoDRM gets Sony's attention

Title #PS4NoDRM gets Sony's attention
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in Games
When May 28, 2013

Over the weekend, gamers disappointed by the Xbox One console's DRM reached out to Sony representatives by sending messages to the #PS4NoDRM and #PS4USEDGAMES hastags on Twitter to urge them to not follow suit with the PS4..

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There are other major unannounced issues too. Region locking? Free online? Cam required(very doubtful)? The only thing we really know is that there's no online requirements. If it limits used games, it will be through that RFID patent they've got.

If they get all this right, in addition to being a more powerful console at approximately the same price, I really don't see how even Microsoft's coffers could prevent it from dominating. Certainly outside the US. Then again, people were apparently fine with replacing multiple 360s, Microsoft actively stopping developers from releasing free content, paying for P2P online and access to the Netflix they'd already paid for, and are already spouting nonsensical PR bullshit about the power of the cloud.

My favorite is Mattrick's new line today about how their version of Minecraft is emblematic of their commitment to indies. Congratulations Microsoft, you won a bidding war for a breakout PC phenomenon that had already sold over ten million copies. So let that be a lesson to all you other indies out there. Just have a supermassive hit and more money than God and Microsoft might be accommodating to your game!

Admittedly, the heart symbols ARE the best part of America's Got Talent, but here it just looks like tiny junk. #PS4NoTinyJunk