PSA: Dean Howard as host, Jon Stewart as guest

Okay, so this is only marginally related to politics, but it could prove to be fun television for the people who frequent this forum.

Apparently, Tina Brown is unable to host her CNBC show that no one watches this weekend, so Howard Dean is going to do the hosting for her. And Jon Stewart is listed as his guest.

The episode is listed as showing on CNBC this sunday at 8pm ET, 11pm ET and Monday at 3am ET.

An actual reason to watch CNBC.


Possibly the first ever.

Also, for those that don’t record every Daily Show episode, Monday night Bill Clinton will be on, which hopefully will be full of comedy, considering the self-deprecating humor the former prez has been using lately.

What’d be really funny is if they let Lewis Black do the interview :shock:

Well now … I think I now know why no one watches CNBC. :?