PSA: If you own one of these 45 Netgear devices, replace it

Seems a bunch of Netgear devices have a disclosed vulnerability that they won’t be patching. Probably all quite old, but worth checking if you can’t remember the last time you got a new router and it’s a Netgear product. Even if it doesn’t appear to be, if it was supplied by your ISP might be worth doing some digging to make sure it isn’t just a rebadged version of one of these.

NB: It would appear some of the devices on the list aren’t just routers.

That’s my home router. it also got an ‘F’ on the buffer bloat test mentioned in the wireless router thread. Guess I need to start shopping for a replacement. Thanks for the heads-up.

I hate replacing routers, as I have to reset the passwords for every device in the house. Ugh.

Naw, if you’re happy with them you can setup the same SSID and password on your new router as you had before and it’ll work fine.

Though in this case if you’re worried your kit’s been pwned it’s probably best to change 'em.

Don’t worry about that, someone would have to drive up to your house to login to your wifi.

I’m not worried about the security flaw, really. I live in a rural area on an acre and well out of wifi range of anyone, and I don’t think the chance of someone randomly targeting my router or whatnot is very high. But my router is old and about three generations behind the curve, so the security thing might be a good reason to upgrade anyhow.

As long as the router isn’t listening on the WAN port it isn’t a big deal anyway. Someone who successfully authenticates to your wifi can hack the router, if you aren’t running public wifi it isn’t worth worrying about.

I mean, I would replace it, but I’m a technophile and would be bothered, and I run a vastly higher-end home network anyway for no particular advantage other than that I enjoy messing around with it.

Examining my router, it’s actually a WNR3500Lv2. Not to be confused with the WNR3500v2 or the WNR3500Lv1. So according to this spreadsheet made by CERT/CC, there is a firmware update available. I’ll try applying the update tonight.

I am only modestly interested in the nuts and bolts of the network stuff. I ignored it when the hot topic was token ring, and I pretty much ignore it now. I just need to make sure I can be online reliably, and I’m happy. :)

That’s cool, was just pointing out there is a way to be lazy in future, if you wanna.

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