Psi-Ops ever coming out for PC?

I seem to remember when this was out in the summer that a PC version was in the works and was supposed to be released in November, but I haven’t seen any mention of it on any of the game sites and it isn’t listed on ebgames or gogamer.

This is certainly a game I’d prefer to play on a PC as opposed to a console. Has anyone heard if it’s still in the works or if it was even planned for a PC release?


I have honestly never heard of a PC version, unfortunately. If a site like Gamespot doesn’t even have a PC section for it, let alone no release dates or rumors about it, then I have to imagine it’s not going to happen. Then again, I think Midway behaved the same way with The Suffering for quite a while before eventually porting it.

And I agree - the game rules as is, but it’d probably be even better with keyboard/mouse controls. I imagine you could get seriously henious amounts of momentum when using telekinesis with the mouse.

Well, I guess here is my answer. They must have been working on it quietly if it’s coming out this month. Or if they haven’t been working on this all along, should I be worried that it’s going to look and control like crap if it hasn’t been optimised for the PC?