PSOne - Remembering the Fun!

I figured a touching sounding topic would either:

A.) Bring people in here, heads clouded by nostalgia
B.) Bring people in here to mock the topic

IN any case you’re here, I whipped up a neat little PS picture, lots of neat games:

Time for some Gundam Battle Assault 2!

The PSOne equipped with that flip-up LCD screen is kinda cool. If they’d build in controllers on the unit and rig up a battery supply, it would play like an oversized hand-held.

Yeah, I play my PS games on the PSOne w/LCD. Here’s a N64 picture:

I love it :)

The Nintendo fans at the other forum I post at didn’t like it :(

Goldeneye really was great, though.

Ya forgot Conker’s Bad Fur Day and Perfect Dark, but what the hell.

I thought Conker’s was the poop part.

I guess it’s true, but I don’t really care. If the only game they made for that thing had been Ocarina of Time I would have bought it. Still, though, funny picture.

I only made that picture because some Nintendo fan trolled my Playstation picture on another forum. I DID like Starfox 64!

I certainly don’t regret my N64 either, but Nintendo fans need to be put in their place more often than others in my experience so I very much appreciate the image.

I never had a PSOne, actually, but I accumulated a few PSOne titles in anticipation of getting one. They eventually got chopped to $80 Canadian in the last price cut–but that was also the time the PS2 dropped to $300, so I went for broke and bought a PS2.

As it happens, I just opened my copy of Front Mission 3 and played it for the first time last night. I can hardly believe this thing ran on a PSOne! Sure, the graphics aren’t top notch by modern standards (ignoring the eye-popping opening movie), but this thing must have really taken the PSOne to the limit. I’m looking forward to playing this some more soon.

I’ve owned a PlayStation since 3 months after the console’s launch in the United States. The first model needed to be turned upside down right away ha ha but my second Playstation ran fine for a long time. Then I got a Playstation 2 from a friend for a fair price. About 3 months ago I got my first PSOne with an LCD screen and man, what a fantastic little machine this is.

As for the games themselves, I have been collecting for quite a while, but mostly during the years of bargins, where you can find some PS games for cheap. For example I found my copy of Castlevania Symphony of the Night for 4 dollars in mint condition at EB. A lot of my friends have helped me gather some of the harder to find games, like Suikoden II and the pre-greatest hits Final Fantasy Tactics. Below is my list of Playstation games, for those just starting to collect, ill mark appropriately:

  1. Air Combat - My very first Playstation game. Ahh, the memories of its intro video skipping on my first run model Playstation brings a tear to my eye.

  2. Alundra - An awesome action/rpg that can easily be compared to titans in this genre like Zelda.

  3. Blaster Master: Blasting Again - While MOST will agree that this 3D update doesn’t compare to the original, it does a damn fine job making the attempt. Plus it’s 10 dollars most places.

  4. Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain - The first step in a very awesome series. While Blood Omen 2 seems to have fallen on its face, the Soul Reaver series does quite well and both are a lot of fun to play.

  5. Bloody Roar 2 - A VERY underrated fighting title for the Playstation. On a technical level it’s pretty fucking brilliant. In terms of gameplay, it may not be the deepest fighter, but I feel there’s more variety than in the Tekken titles.

  6. Brave Fencer: Musashi - An entry into the Action RPG genre from Square’s 'good years. A wonderful cast of characters, cool gameplay mechanics, tasty visuals, and a solid story make this one worth owning.

  7. Breath of Fire VI - Most people didn’t like Breath of Fire III that much, but IV, while not anything ground-breaking, does a decent job raising the bar back to where it used to be after the first two entries into this series.

  8. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Not owning this game is a crime. This is the best Castlevania title ever. The recent GBA entries are decent, but if you want a complete package, this is something you MUST pick up.

  9. Chrono Cross - Not my favorite RPG, but it boasts extremely high production values, a very solid story, and a huge cast of characters. A little too big of a cast for my tastes, but the interesting battle system along with everything mentioned above makes up for it.

  10. Colony Wars - While im not a fan of playing shooters with Digital pads or Analog thumb sticks, this space-shooter does a good job considering.

  11. Crash Bandicoot - The easiest of the three Crash titles, still a classic in my book.

  12. Crash Bandicoot 2 - The most challenging, and for that reason, my favorite of the three.

  13. Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped - A LOT more level diversity when compared to the first two, but I found it to be a lot easier to complete.

  14. Crash Team Racing - My favorite cart game. Many will claim Mario Kart is a better game, but Crash Team Racings great AI, clever track designs, and well balanced weapons make this one awesome kart racer.

  15. Darkstalkers - A Capcom Classic. I recommend ‘Darkstalkers 3’ for the Playstation as it is just a better game as well as a cleaner port.

  16. Destruction Derby II - This is one tough racing title. It offers everything from the original along with a few new play modes, better visuals and AI that will kick you when you are down. Expect some teeth gnashing.

  17. Die Hard Trilogy - Essentially three games in one, Die Hard Trilogy offers up a few different ways to play through the popular Die Hard Trilogy. I don’t particularly care for the Action Game that sums up the first film, but the Over-the-Top Virtua Cop Style shooter for the second movie, and the balls to the wall driving game that covers the third movie make this game well worth the price of 10-20 dollars.

  18. Dino Crisis - Tired of shooting zombies? Capcom offers up an alternative of the prehistoric kind. Essentially a resident evil episode with Dinosaurs, but still a very exciting experience. I hear Dino Crisis 2 is a better game though.

  19. Dragon Warrior VII - A VERY LONG GAME and a very traditional RPG.

  20. Einhander - Not the best shooter on the Playstation, or the hardest, but it again reminds me of a time when Squaresoft was trying different things, and for the most part, succeeding.

  21. Fighter Maker - I played this long enough to make a fighter that only knew how to thrust his crotch at people.

  22. Final Fantasy VII - A lot of people consider this Final Fantasy to be groundbreaking, and I suppose in some ways it is. I find it to be the most under whelming of the four Playstation Final Fantasy titles tho.

  23. Final Fantasy VIII - My favorite Final Fantasy on the Playstation. A pretty decent story, some cool characters, a fun junction system, nice visuals, AWESOME music, and the coolest mini-game ever. This one just seemed to come together for me.

  24. Final Fantasy IX - Better than VII, not as interesting as VIII. A good entry overall that should appeal to those awash in nostalgic feelings, but I found the game to be a bit too slow in terms of the story and the gameplay.

  25. Final Fantasy Tactics - At first I found this tactical strategy game difficult, and then realized that it’s an easy game with a few REALLY hard battles that will make most weep like a woman.

  26. Fox Hunt - A Full Motion Video classic from the folks at Capcom. FMV games by large aren’t ‘good’ games, but Fox Hunt’s antics offer up enough humor for all to be forgiven. Plus the star of this game ended up on Fox’s Mad TV for a while.

  27. Front Mission 3 - The Ogre fans will throw stones, but for me, this is the best Tactical Strategy title on the Playstation. Great challenge, Lots of mech upgrades, a branching story, a decent translation, and yummy visuals round out what this title offers up.

  28. G-Darius - This would almost have my best shooter vote if R-Type Delta didn’t exist. You must own this game.

  29. Grandia - I hate Sue, her character is dumb. I don’t like a lot of the fetch quests in this game. The story is ok but ehh, didn’t totally click with me.

  30. In The Hunt - How many submarine shooters do you know of? Exactly, and that is why In the Hunt rocks. Not super challenging, but full of brilliant explosions and lots of shooting action. Good for a quick pick me up.

  31. Loaded - A REALLY old Playstation game. Better than its sequel, chock full of blood and twisted characters. Smash TV on crack is what this is.

  32. Lunar: Silver Star Story - I prefer the sequel to this one, but it has a lot of classic RPG-ing to offer and a pretty likeable cast of characters. The story is a bit generic by today’s standards, but this RPG has some history, so I won’t harp.

  33. Lunar 2: Eternal Blue - Better visuals, better story, better characters, it’s just better. It offers up the same kind of gameplay elements but man, BETTER!

  34. Medal of Honor - I normally don’t dig FPS games on consoles, but the attention to detail and the fact that I get to shoot WWII nazis makes this game a lot of fun.

  35. MediEvil - If you don’t have Maximo handy, this title will due. While not as polished as I would like it to be, it offers up some decent adventuring with voice acting on par with the Spyro series.

  36. Mega Man X4 - Mega Man X at his finiest. Plus you get to play as Zero. Mega Man X6 comes close to this one, but X4 just came together so well. It’s a shame X5 didn’t follow suit like X6 has.

  37. Mega Man 8 - You want classic Mega Man? You got it. In this colorful Mega Man title that is just as challenging as the Mega Man X series, you get to save the world from the evil Dr. W with the help of Roll and Rush.

  38. Marvel Super Heroes - A very solid port of one of Capcom’s best Marvel titles. There’s a bit of slow-down here and there, but this game was released back before CPS2 was emulated. What has been done is pretty impressive.

  39. Nitrous Oxide - A decent shooter with some kicking music. Sorta like the Tempest seires.

  40. No One Can Stop Mr. Domino - A very cool puzzle game with a cute domino! NO ONE CAN STOP HIM!

  41. Omega Boost - An easy game with lots of flash. Simple as that. If you can find it cheap I would get it.

  42. One - The best contra on PSOne wasn’t Contra, it was ONE. While it lacked 2 Player the amount of pure action and challenge totally made up for all of it. OWN THIS GAME.

  43. Parasite Eve - Beautiful FMV, a cool main character, and some gruesome bosses make this a decent buy for anyone looking for an action/RPG with some thrills n chills.

  44. Persona - Everyone tells me it, and its sequel are awesome. I need to get into play it some more.

  45. Philosoma - Not the best shooter by a long-shot. I mostly own it because it was one of the very first Playstation games.

  46. Pocket Fighter - Super-Deformed Capcom characters battle it out with insanely cute animations and special attacks. Perfect for any an of Capcom fighters.

  47. Project Overkill - Lots n lots of blood. This game’s controls could have used some work, but this is probably the best alternative to the PS version of Crusader if you can’t find it around.

  48. R-Types - The classic R-Type games on one CD. Somewhat difficult to find, I would recommend Ebay.

  49. R-Type Delta - The best Playstation shooter hands down. Awesome bosses, levels, challenge. Best of all: Three different ships, each with their own style of play. Awesome!

  50. Raiden Project - Two classic shooter titles ported perfectly. I think Raiden II is better than the original, but since you get both on the same disc, its worth it. Hard to find tho.

  51. Raycrisis - To be honest, Galactic Attack on the Sega Saturn blows both of the Layer titles on the Playstation out of the water, but both Raycrisis and Raystorm deliever some decent shooter action with some pretty 3D visuals on a consistent level of performance.

  52. Rayman - A great 2D platformer that will challenge you again and again. Did I mention how pretty and well animated it was?

  53. Raystorm - Read Above ;)

  54. Resident Evil: Dir Cut - The version of the original to own. While the remake is out, I think they did the series’ mythos harm by reworking the dialogue. I believe this game was MEANT to have a cheesy b-movie feel.

  55. Silhouette Mirage - An EXTREMELY quirky shooter from the guys over at treasure. Lots of challenge too.

  56. Silent Hill - Definitely creepy, but I don’t get how people found this title scary. I tend to avoid horror movies n such anyway, I don’t get much out of them. A decent adventure title anyway.

  57. Soul Blade (Edge) - Soul Calibur whoops this version in many ways, obviously, but Soul Edge had the cool intro that Soul Caliber did not.

  58. Spider - A great platformer that was largely ignored. If you can find it cheap or for rent, give it a shot.

  59. Spider-Man - It’s spider-man! This game is way better than maximum carnage, but quite a bit easier. There are only a few difficult areas to work through, but the journey is its own reward or something like that.

  60. Star Gladiator - Capcom’s first 3D fighting title. Cool characters and decent supers make this a must own for Capcom fans.

  61. Street Fighter Alpha - A decent port, the original benchmark for arcade to Playstation ports in the years to come.

  62. Street Fighter Alpha 3 - In my opinion, the best home version of Street Fighter Alpha 3 available. While the loading time is there, this port is impressive in every way possible.

  63. Strider/Strider 2 - Two strider titles on one disc! Both are a bit easy, but Strider fans must own this. MUST! CAPCOM!

  64. Suikoden - Great RPG. Not as good as the sequel, but it obviously set the pace for the rest of the series.

  65. Suikoden II - The better of the two. The real question is, will it be the better of the three when Suikoden III comes out for the Playstation 2. A tough one to find on the sales racks.

  66. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo - A Must Own Capcom Puzzle Title. OWN IT!

  67. Syphon Filter - A decent action title, but I really think the main character runs like he has a load of crap in his pants. Cool game overall, some great environments too.

  68. Tekken 2 - The only good Tekken game in my opinion. Tekken 3 and TTT both offered nothing but rehash, and Tekken 4 is feelin the same. I played Tekken 2 like its bitch for a very long time.

  69. Tenchu - Best ninja game ever. I don’t think there’s anything like rolling off a rooftop, landing in a crouching position behind your enemy, and then quietly cutting his throat so he won’t alert the guards.

  70. Thousand Arms - Dating Sim meets Fantasy RPG. REALLY weird game, not a great battle system, but the story and characters REALLY make up for it.

  71. Threads of Fate - Mint rocks. Games need more little girls with plans for world domination as main characters. This is an Action RPG.

  72. Twisted Metal - SingleTrac rocked. This was proof. I played Twisted Metal A LOT. Outlaw is the coolest. Oh yes. Granted the game tends to turn into jousting matches, but its still fun!

  73. Twisted Metal 2 - Awesome Awesome Awesome. This TM title moves a lot faster than the original, has great arenas, and cool characters. This would be the last good TM game till the release of TM:Black on the PS2.

  74. Vagrant Story - The complicated nature of this Action/RPG turned many gamers away, but this game probably has the best translation in a square title. It also features A LOT of awesome gameplay with the production values to match.

  75. Valkyrie Profile - You want 2D RPG Bliss? Here it is. Awesome.

  76. Warhawk - God I loved this game. The Warhawk fighter was awesome as were the stages. I mean flying into a volcano, that’s just COOL! The FMV was pretty horrid but in one of those funny ways that entertain rather than make you wanna vomit.

  77. Wipeout - I bought this mostly because it is one of the better representations of racing on the Playstation.

  78. Xenogears - I loved this game the first time I played through it, the more I play through it again, the less I like it. The story is a bit much, the fighting system is pretty dull, and disc 2 sorta sucks. This game is worth a lot for some reason tho.

  79. Zero Divide - A classic 3D fighter. Not great, but a classic ;)

  80. One Piece Mansion - An INSANE Capcom puzzle title that will REALLY test your multi-tasking and reflexes.

  81. Evil Zone - You like over the top anime? This is the game for you. It offers quite a bit to keep fans of action anime happy. Eyecatches, cool anime characters, fancy super moves and camera angles too!

  82. Future Cop LAPD - The unknown member of EA’s Strike series. Instead of taking place in a helicopter, the player takes control of a giant walking robot that can turn into a car, and fire lots of deadly weapons. This game is great fun.

  83. Gekido - A decent 3D beat em up with some funny bosses, like the guy dressed up as a ninja turtle.

  84. The Misadventures of Tron Bonne - 3D Adventure/Action/Puzzle/RPG/Monster Rancher would be how I describe this fantastic game from the fine folks at Capcom. Travel the world as a genius but insane girl that is doing all she can to rob banks, loot ruins and save her friends from debt. Plus Servbots are just cute.

  85. Strikers 1945 - Think 19XX for your playstation, and this is pretty much it.

  86. Mega Man X6 - Great and extremely challenging game. Be prepared to have some more Mega Man fun!

  87. Gundam Battle Assault 2 - Best gundam game ever? Maybe. Play as 30 different Gundams from three different series from the Gundam Universe. The animation in this game is INSANE, and each Gundam is accurately modeled, and offer lots of unique moves.

Damn MrAngryFace, don’t all those games make you happy? Where’s MrHappyFace?

MrAngryFace is what I chose when I found out MrYukFace was taken at the forum I used to moderate. the handle has sorta stuck.

As for the collection of PS games, yeah, it makes me happy. I find a lot more joy in my PS games than any of the new stuff currently out for PC, PS2, Xbox, or Gamecube. There’s a lot of fantastic gaming to be had, and the PSOne w/LCD just makes it so easy to put a game in and fire it up.

Remembering the fun, nothing. For me the fun was finally picking up a PS2 and discovering I could play all those PSOne games I’d ignored for ages. Admittedly my tastes run more to PC games, in a big way, but I found enough value in PSOne games alone to make the PS2 worth my while (plus getting a DVD player, which I didn’t have, didn’t hurt either). I’m definitely not one to recommend games to hardcore console fans as my tastes radically differ but I’ve gotten great value out of Front Mission 3 (which I’ve since discovered seems to have a huge underground following among the informed), Romance of The Three Kingdoms VI (before VII came out for the PS2), and a Diablo port with a two player mode. I’ve also messed around with some other titles including Final Fantasy Tactics but nothing’s really floated my boat much yet - but I’ve got a long way to go before I’ve discovered everything that’s out there. Picked up a cute little game called Invasion From Beyond - X-Com lite with arcade air combat - in a bin recently and had no idea it even existed before I saw it. It’s cool discovering this whole world that I never paid attention to before and it’s far from nostalgia for me as I explore it for the first time.