PSP 3.0 - Podcast King

“Sony’s quietly turning the PSP into the best damn podcast device around. I wasn’t so sure about the new Set Timer feature for the RSS Channels at first but I see why they implemented it the way they did now. You can set the PSP to check all the RSS Channels you have or some specific selection of them to download the latest podcasts on a daily basis (you set the time). You need to keep the PSP in sleep mode for the feature to work - the psp will wake itself up at the appointed time to download the latest podcasts from the channels you highlighted, then go back into sleepmode. Set it to do this in the wee hours of the morning and you’ll basically have new content for each day without any effort.”

Sony also added multiple fast forward and rewind speeds so that long podcasts are much easier to traverse. Finally the music visuallizers are pretty impressive for the handheld.

They also added PS1 emulator support but the catch is you cant get the PS1 games with out a ps3…

Where does one acquire the firmware update?

You can probably just hook up to your computer via usb and then simply use the update option from the main menu.

Ah yes doing it now via the official PSP site. Not very intuitive, but it works. Thanks.

Just make sure you get 3.01 because there was a bug in 3.00. I dont think 3.00 was out for long before they pulled it.

Yeah, this is 3.01. Thanks.

Wait, you can’t buy the PS1 games without a PS3? Seriously? That sucks.

Why not direct Wi-Fi download from the browser, or PC transfer?

That will be implemented later apparently.