PSP availability: are they all gone yet?

Just wondering if it’s too late for those of us who didn’t grab one in the first couple of days… anyone have a feel for general availability? I’m near S.F. but I figure the trend should be somewhat nationwide…

I bought mine last night at a local TRU and they had pleanty.

Check the big box chains. . . that’s where people at work were finding them.

Also gamestop, they didn’t sell out of their initial order I don’t think.

Yeah, there should be plenty around. Sony shipped a million of them and that will probably be enough to last at least through the end of the month or more.

On the one hand, I’d love to see them sell out relatively quickly just to chap the hides of all the people who seem bent out of shape that it’s a Sony Handheld and it could actually be good. On the other hand, I’d love to have them remain readily available and screw the E-Bay assholes who bought 4 at launch to speculate in them.

I’m hoping the second hand wins.

This is what happens when you stick a high price on a gadget. They tend to be easy to find.

But what’s up with those 1GB memory sticks…? Where can I get me one of those?


SanDisk 1.0GB Memory Stick PRO Duo Gaming Memory Card - Yellow


Best Buy, Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart… seem to have plenty of PSPs in stock

In my weekend exile to rural Oklahoma, I checked out the Wal-Mart in Hobart (pop 6k), which had two units sitting on the shelf. It ain’t gonna sell out.

The site says the stick’s on backorder. Finding a large capacity memory stick seems much harder than finding a PSP. People planning to get the system bought them all out earlier this year, I suspect.

Systems are VERY easy to find. Sales are nowhere near what people thought they would be. This was not the slam dunk it was expected to be by the videogame press and even the mainstream press.


Long live NINTENDO!!! :lol:

Went out today and bought MegaMan Zero 2 (GBA), War of the Monsters (PS2) and Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (GCN) and decided to see how big a fuss the PSPs were causing.

My Gamestop had something like 2 out behind the counter. . Place was packed, but no one talking about the PSP. My CompUSA has a couple more. Only two over people were in the game section, looking at Xbox titles. My Walmart had about 20 of them on display behind the protective glass. Again, the place was busy, but I didn’t see anyone buying anything for it.

Probably a big rush for the launch day, but not so much easter weekend.


Systems are VERY easy to find. Sales are nowhere near what people thought they would be. This was not the slam dunk it was expected to be by the videogame press and even the mainstream press.

I wonder what Dave Long, our resident Nintendo apologist, has to think about the PSP’s launch?


Don’t let your own PSP apologies get in the way of the obvious truth that the unit did NOT sell out as expected.


The PSP is domed!

I haven’t really been following the coverage of the PSP, but did the press really anticipate Sony would have “slam dunk” sales, as Dave says? I thought the conventional wisdom was that Sony was overshipping them and pricing them a bit high, so there would be no problem finding them on launch day. Last week, I had a few friends without preorders wanting to go stand in line on Thursday morning to be sure to get one. I told them not to bother.

Does the NDP, or whatever that group is called, track hardware sales? Will we get sales figures in a month?


Everyone thought the PSP was going to be a slam dunk, especially those in the videogame press. It wasn’t how many they’d sell, but rather how fast they could restock them after they sold out.

That has not even come close to the truth.

NPD never releases exact numbers to the public. They will almost certainly be leaked at the GAF though.


Anyone know how many GBA sold on Day 1? How about the Gamecube and Xbox (since both were priced in the ballpark of the PSP?

I’m with Tom- I can’t imagine that Sony (or anyone else in their right mind) thought they would sell through 1 million so quick. I know that the PS2 did approx 350k its first day, although it was plagued by massive hardware shortages.

Has any launch had one million units available on Day 1 and sold out?

Didn’t I read something about Halo 2 selling somewhere around 1.2 million copies in the first 24 hours of release, or am I mistaken? I try not to get swept up so much in PR hype and sales figures, so I’m not really sure.

Of course… that’s not a console or handheld system… I’m just saying.

I’m just wondering… did the DS sell out? or wasn’t it expected to ?

Not that it matters, but yes, the DS sold out. It was one of the hardest things to buy for Christmas 2004.