PSP Games

I bought a PSP over a year back, and everyday I look over at it in my office and watch it gathering dust. I have yet to even use it for all of its cool features or for movies.

I really want to dust this thing off and play it, especially considering that I might be taking another job in Afghanistan (and would like to bring it along).

Can anyone advise on decent titles? One of the main type of games I am looking for is a Final Fantasy style RPG…one that takes awhile to play through.

What I currently have:

Metal Gear Portable Ops: Just got this one recently and really love it so far.

Wipe Out: The one I have easily played the most.

Untold Legends: Boring for me 2 hours into it.

Coded Arms: I don’t think I have played this for more than 3 minutes.

GTA: I think I played too much of this one on the regular console…

Any advice?

I like Lumines 1 and 2.

Syphon Filter
Loco Roco
Hot Shots Golf
Burnout Legends
Virtua Tennis
Ratchet & Clank

For starters…

If you like CCG’s the new Marvel Vs. CCG is actually very, very good. It’s got the best production values of any CCG I’ve seen (save maybe Chron-X on PC.) I’ve put at least 15 hours into it so far, and I’m only halfway through the first campaign (of 2.) In fact, I’ve been meaning to start a dedicated thread about it…

ooo, another good CCG for the PSP? Yippie!

Warhammer Battle for Atluma is an excellent PSP game. It’s a fun little CCG with a decent AI. The only knock on it is that the fixed AI decks, so it gets old fighting the same set of decks over and over after awhile. I still lost most of the month of December to it though, so it had decent staying power.

yeah, I got a lot of mileage out of Warhammer, but Marvel is even better (by a pretty wide margin.)

Neat, I never heard of either of these. Added to my GameQueue!

Mod the firmware and load it with PS1 games and emulators.

Legend of Mana sounds like what you want … or Chrono Cross … or FFVII… :)