PSP games?

Hi all,
Will be picking up my new PSP tomorrow along with D&D tactics. Figured I needed to buy at least one game with it. I am specifically buying it for God of War which comes out next Jan/Feb I believe.

What games do people recommend on the PSP that are worth playing? And any games a four year old may be able to play/enjoy?

Really depends on what you’re into but recommend:

Puzzle Quest
Hot Shots Golf
Jeanne D’Arc
Final Fantasy Tactics
Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow
Sid Meier’s Pirates

Im not really sure. I normally like RPGs and RTS type games but happy to try anything with a good storey or game mechanics. All the tactic games grab my interest.

Out of interest how different is Sid Meier’s Pirates from the PC one?

Thanks for the list.

The Ratchet game for the PSP is pretty solid. Exit and Crush are both pretty good platform/puzzle games too.

If you like RTS’s Killzone Liberation is supposed to be pretty good but I have zero experience with it so take that for what it’s worth.

Jeanne D’arc is the system’s best original Japanese strategy RPG game. Only bother with Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea if you haven’t played the originals, I’d say; they’re mostly just ports.

Get Lumines! (It’s not called “Luminaries,” Jake Lame!)

Get Field Commander.

Get Puzzle Quest if you don’t already have it for DS or 360.

Hey there’s no PSP thread on this page…

Only if you’ve never played any real strategy games. It’s clunky, ugly, and way too easy thanks to incompetently designed missions in conjunction with a braindead (yet extremely sluggish) AI.

Puzzle Quest
Tekken: Dark Resurrection–(awesome port)
Pinball Hall of Fame–(most bang for the buck, should be $10 if you look around a bit)
Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee
Burnout Legends
Every Extend Extra
A ton of great retro compilations (Gradius Collection, Capcom Arcade Classics, Taito Legends, and Sega Genesis Collection)

Hm, not much on there for a four-year-old though.

Disgaea and Puzzle Quest are must haves IMHO.

Killzone Liberation isn’t a RTS, it’s an isometric third person action game/shooter. It’s also pretty good, but a bit short.

The PSP remake of FF: Tactics is worth it even if you already own and have played the PSX version. Trust me, I do and have. It feels like an entirely new game because of the retranslation and the cutscenes.

The PSP version of Pirates! is my favorite at the moment - they made the dancing much less annoying and the controls feel generally superior. It also lends a bit more direction to play by giving you specific objectives to accomplish in order to find the evil Marquis (though you’re still free to futz around doing other stuff as much as you like). It is slightly stripped down, though, because of the limitations of the system, and a little buggy.

Wipeout is the best racer for the platform and if quasi-FPS’s are your thing then the first two SOCOM games aren’t bad at all.

Thanks everyone for the input. I have a list of 14 games to toy with. Will start reading reviews on the various recommendations.

If you like Silent Hill, get Silent Hill:Origins as well. It’s very well done, and is surprisingly scary.

i’m interested in puzzle quest, worms 2 (single player), and sid meier’s pirates. also liking what i see with crush.

is it worth getting the psp for those? or should i get a ds?

For those alone? No. Especially since Puzzle Quest is available for three other platforms, DS included, Worms: Open Warfare 2 is also on DS, and Pirates! on PC and Xbox. I love mine, I’d definitely recommend it in general, but not based on those particular games. (Crush is good, but not good enough to be worth the price of the PSP.)

Of course, I’d also recommend a DS.