PSP insta-retrospective

Because I’m definitely wondering if it was worth it, but believe that Burnout Legends and Virtua Tennis alone could convice me that it was.

Are you only playing psp games? Because I’d have had to think about my answer more if I was. Hotshots/lumines/burnout might not be worth $250, but those + emulation + games coming eventually that I’m hoping are good seems to make the wallet not regret it.

I bought it for GTA, which was listed at EB as having a May release date.

So I got Lumines and Wipeout, which I do not regret, and Tony Hawk, which doesn’t quite control as elegantly as I’d like, despite being an AWFULLY impressive step up from the handheld Tony Hawk I played on GBA.

Then EB changed their ship date for GTA from May to October, despite the manager’s contant assurance that the May date was authentic, and not one of the pretend ones that EB liked to toss around.

I didn’t get into emulation, I don’t want to spend the scratch for a larger memory card so I didn’t get into downloadable content or compressing my own videos to PSP (Family Guy on the go? Yes, please.) And thanks to an absolute game famine, the only game I’ve since purchased is Burnout Legends.

I like the machine, and I’m glad that I own it. But there hasn’t been a compelling reason to own the system, at least as far as its presumable intended purpose of handheld gaming, beyond the ‘cool gadget’ factor.

I’m sure that in a year, there will be a solid library with a couple of killer apps. But what came in the box was merely potential, and they’ve done very little to tap it since. I don’t think the promise of Are We There Yet on UMD is quite the hook I was hoping for.

You can do quite a bit of emulation on the 32mb card actually, moot point I guess if you didnt look into emu/homebrew and are playing burnout (rquired update that I’m guessing you didnt know how to or that you could, bypass the firmware check)

There’s some really great looking stuff coming down the road…Katamari Damacy, Every Extend Extra, Madden (tomorrow), Monster Hunter, Ac!d 2, LotR tactics, battlefront II…

I have Lumines, Ridge racer, Wipeout, Burnout legends, Metal Gear Acid, Hot Shots and have had a blast with all of them.

I own the PSP but no PS2, sp ports doesn’t bother me the least - I’m looking forward to playing those games.

I play Lummines, Virtua Tennis, Ridgeracer, Hot Shot Golf… nah, I used to play those. Now I just play Burnout Legends and I’m loving it.
I have a 1GB, 512 MB and a 256 MB card… on the rare occasions I don’t want to play a game, I watch some telly or listen to MP3’s.
I hope somebody will manage to put emulation on Firmware 2.0, but it haven’t been a serious lack so far for me.

Angband, ToME and Zangband! Hell yah my PSP was worth it, been waiting for a good portable rogue game. I also occasionally convert TV shows for when I work out at the gym, works pretty nicely. Much better than watching the stupid soaps that are always on the TV.

Didn’t know Every Extend was coming out for PSP. That’s pretty cool; Every Extend is awesome. I like how doofuses everywhere are calling it “Miziguchi’s new game.”

Howabout the option: “Never bought one,” followed by “Never intend to.”

Chrysler drifter specifications

Well this is a pole for people who bought them, so why should there be?

raises hand

I’m one of those doofuses. A poster at Console Gold pointed me toward Every Extend earlier. Never heard of it until a few days ago, and none of the TGS articles I read mentioned that it was developed by a team called Omega.

Zangband on the PSP huh? How is it? And how do you play it when it requires so many keyboard commands?

“I’m an asshole” would give you the same effect and be simpler.

I regret my purchase not at all, especially now that we’re seeing a bunch of cool-looking PSP originals of the non-racing variety at TGS. Hopefully stuff like Loco Roco and Exit will get released over here, but thanks to regionless hardware, I’ll just import them if they don’t.

It’s identical pretty much to the ToME port I did, and also the Angband port. Don’t expect any graphics or stuff, but it works, and pretty well. Course I haven’t released the Zangband port, mostly because I am lazy.

Be less lazy! :D

At this point the PSP only comes out for plane trips. I swear, nothing makes a boring plane ride evaporate like Untold Legends. Totally mindless hack and slash action is one hell of a time killer. I’ll pick up Burnout Legends and GTA at some point, but other than that, the DS will probably remain my portable of choice for some time.

And Lumines… o yes, time eaters!

Hmmm, well so far:

Lumines - Excellent, stylish puzzler trippin’ on the Mizuguchi harmonixer, yay!

Shin Sangoku Musou - I love the modifications to the base game, they bring a fresh flow to things.

Ridge Racers - Still the best game I own on the PSP, like butter, smooth and exhilirating.

Intelligent License - First rate puzzle game, lots of fun, very humiliating.

Bleach: Heat the Soul 2 - Classy, licensed fighter based on the best shounen show lately.

Legend of Heroes: White Witch - Been a while since I’ve played this, but its been updated with panache and is a great blast to the past with its simple oldschool style.

Legend of Heroes: Red Tear - Improved and even lovelier, one of the smoothest and most pleasant RPGs on a portable.

Wipeout Pure - A lovely return to form for the classic futuristic racer, music’s not as good Ridge Racers though.

Tales of Eternia - A world class port of the A-class RPG, with some spiffy upgrades. For a long, long time, this was my favorite PSP game until Ridge Racers regained the spot eventually.

Metal Gear Acid - Unique, delightful, deep, satisfying and eminately (imminently?) replayable.

Tenchu: Shinobi Taizen - Very playable, in fact, so playable I’ll never run out of things to play. Shows off the ability of the PSP to use custom level editors really well.

Vampire Chronicle: Chaos Tower - Hominahominahominahomina. Drools. Its so nice to have these series back and alive to play again. Vampire Savior is CLASS!

Twelve - A really nice SRPG with some excellent systems that make tinkering with battle strategies quite a bit of fun.

Taiko no Tatsujin - They say its pointless, but Taiko’s just too full of energy and verve, even without the drum controller, its a lot of fun.

I also had Everybody’s Golf, Winning Eleven, Popolocrois the original Bleach: Heat the Soul and Ape Escape Academy, but sold them.

So yeah, the PSP has been great so far and I can’t wait for Princess Crown tomorrow and all the other games to come soon!


Kitsune - many of the titles you listed aren’t carried retail (at least not here). Are some of them imports?