PSP is new to me - I want SNES + MAME on it. How?

Got a very slightly used PSP from a buddy who had a spare over the weekend. I heard you can make some sort of loader mem stick and get SNES and MAME emu up and running on it without doing any firmware hax0r crap - so I’d like to know how.

Is there some sort of retard’s guide to this?

It’s not really hax0r crap with the Dark Alex’s firmware.

even if you don’t wish to pirate PSP games, I would still recommend the DA’s firmware simply now you can copy the iso from UMD to your memory stick which decrease the loading time by 2-3 times and you won’t have to switch out umd.

I don’t know about SNES loader, but DA’s firmware support running mame and snes rom from PSP.

Don’t bother running SNES games. The performance isn’t good enough, and there’s till emulation problems with a lot of titles. If you do run it, you’ll want to avoid any game that requires quick movements or reactions due to framerate issues.

Anyway, the only way to run anything third party is with either firmware 1.5, or something hacked. And IMO, it’s more trouble than it’s worth if you intend to play PSP games.